Qualities to Look in A Mechanic and Ways to Find Them

A mechanic can be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to proper care of your car. Vehicles today come with modern and highly advanced features. For instance, there are computers installed inside them to monitor and control the functioning of the car. So, you need to find technicians who are capable of handling such advanced piece of machines. Qualified car repair technicians with proper tools play a major role behind a smooth performing vehicle.

Qualities to Look for In Mechanics

A good automotive specialist must possess all the right skills and characteristics to repair and maintain your car. Some of the qualities you should look for are:

  • Knowledge and experience: One quality that you have to look for in a mechanic is knowledge of different makes and models of cars. The specialists must have all the qualifications and certificates to validate their ability to repair any vehicle. The years of experience is another important factor to consider while choosing the right technician.
  • Communication skills: A good mechanic must have good communication skills to talk to the customers and people working under them. They must be able to effectively explain the actual problem with the car and repair suggestions to the customers.
  • Problem-solving ability: There are times when your car might require a different approach for repair. The technicians must have the ability to find the best option among the many solutions available to the problem.
  • Latest technology: With time the vehicles today come with newer and advance technologies. Mechanics must be updated with the latest technology to able to take care and repair the vehicles effectively.
  • Diagnostic skills: Mechanics must possess the right skills to identify the problems in the car. They must have the ability to find the source of the issue immediately after looking into the vehicle.
  • Tools: The specialists must have the right tools and equipment to handle the different models and make of cars. Also, make sure they use only quality and authentic parts for repair and replacement.

Ways to Search for Good Mechanics

You can find qualified mechanics by:

  • The best way to find a good mechanic is by asking the people you know. Get references from reliable sources like family, friends, and neighbors.
  • You can check Better Business Bureau website to find trustworthy and honest auto repair shops and technicians. Make sure they are a part of Automobile Association which rates them as per the professional standard.
  • Internet is the best source where you can get all the information on the auto repair shops, garages and mechanics. There are websites which provide ratings and reviews on the technicians and auto repair shops. Read them to decide on the right one to go for.
  • There are many magazines on automobiles, mechanics and auto repair shops in the area. These magazines are one great source from where you can find lot of help in this regard. You can also find information from the yellow pages.
  • Before sending your car to any specific repair shop for major repairing, you must send the vehicle for minor servicing like oil change. See the kind of work done by them and take second opinion if they suggest any further work. Ask questions about payment options, discounts and warranties too.
  • Ensure the technicians are certified as per industry standards.
  • Dealerships have permits with mechanics having licenses however private auto repair shops also have license to repair and maintain vehicles. Try to find repair shops with the license. Make sure they also have insurances to cover damages while working on the car.

Apart from everything what matters the most is that the repair shop must be convenient for you. Scheduling, transport options etc. are something to look for. Make sure the repair shop specializes in your brand of car for better servicing.


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