Common Types of Sports Injuries

Chances of getting hurt while playing are high, even if you are a well-trained sportsperson or a weak athlete. Getting injured while playing is measurable, as you do not really know what you have actually tweaked and how can it be treated. Sports injuries generally occur when there is any direct impact or overuse or any application of greater force than a body part can bear. They are of two types acute and chronic. Acute sports injuries occur suddenly while playing such as sprained back, ankle, etc. You can also suffer from chronic injuries if you are using a particular muscle or joint for a long time. You can also develop the chronic injuries if you are having structural abnormalities or following poor techniques while playing a particular sport. It is said that sports injuries are quite acute because it can cause a major problem and you cannot be aware of such injuries. If you think that you have an ankle sprain it can lead to a bone fracture if not treated.


Everyone has their own way of playing a particular game but if you are playing it regularly then you should also make a habit of doing exercise on daily basis because it will benefit your health so that your body parts can withstand sudden applications of greater force. Sports injuries can range from minor to major and in some cases; you may also have to go through surgery to heal it completely.

If you are having a poor training or using improper equipment with flawed techniques, then chances of facing sports injuries are more. If you avoid stretching your muscles before you start to play any particular sport, then you can also face injuries. So let us discuss about some sports injuries which people usually suffer from.

Common Injuries Which Occur from Sports

  1. Knee injury: Every year near about 5 million people go to the orthopaedic for treatment of their knees injuries. There are many mild injuries such as iliotibial band syndrome to the runner’s knee or the tendonitis. If the sprain is severe then you may also cause ligament or cartilage.
  2. Concussion: Concussion is a common injury which occurs when the brain gets injured due to any sudden shake. This particular injury should not be overlooked and should be treated immediately. Common symptoms of concussion are a headache, delayed response, confusion, and sensitivity to light, dizziness, or nausea. If someone is suffering from concussion, then that person should not play any sport until it is being treated properly.
  3. Fractures: This is also known as the broken bone and it is an injury which most of the sportsperson normally face at least one time. If you feel excessive stress on a particular bone then it can cause fracture or if there are small cracks on a bone then it can also cause an acute fracture. You can treat fractures through medicine and in acute cases you may also have to go through surgery to heal it completely. If you are into sports where you need to jump or run repeatedly then chances of getting the stress fractures on the feet or leg are high.
  4. Dislocations: also known as luxation and a bone injury which force bones in the joint to go out of the alignment. If you play contact sports, such as football or have to go through exercise or stretching then chances of dislocation surgery are high. It is an emergency condition and should be treated immediately. You can put the dislocated bone back to their original place but the other connective tissues surrounding that joint will have to face severe damage. Dislocations mainly occur in the hand or fingers or in the shoulder. Dislocations in the hips on knees and elbows are quite rare.
Sports Injuries

These are some of the sports injuries which you can face while playing. Even if the injuries look ordinary to you still you should seek medical help for determining the severity of the injury. 



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