Application and Advantages of Epoxy Concrete Coating of Floors

Epoxy coating is applied over surfaces using durable epoxy compounds to withstand heavy traffic. Many industrial buildings, warehouses and commercial buildings have such kind of floors so that they can bear the trials of daily use and last for long years without as much maintenance or without being damaged.

Epoxy is generally applied on porous surfaces to adhere properly to the floor.

Concrete Epoxy Coating

Prepare your Concrete Floor for Epoxy Concrete Coating:

  • The most important aspect which has to be kept in mind is that the floor should be completely dry, clean, and free from any damage (uneven surface) irrespective of the fact that it is an old floor or a new one.
  • The floor should be washed properly before the epoxy coating is applied to the concrete floor and the temperature should be between 55-95 degrees, you can use room heaters if the temperature is below 55 degrees to achieve the temperature suitable for epoxy.
  • There should not be any humidity in the atmosphere; also, avoid doing epoxy in rainy seasons.
  • Before applying epoxy concrete coating to the floor, it should be free of any oil content too; you can use any degreaser and scrub properly to make the floor free of oil stains.
  • Etching the floor with acid is very important to get the uniform texture. Acid etching is one of the important steps of a surface preparation which help open the pores of the concrete to adhere the epoxy to it. New floors may contain curing residues, so it has to be acid etched properly and scrubbed well. The open pores of concrete then allow the epoxy to seep in and create an unbreakable bond to the floor which helps in increasing the durability and strength of the floor.
  • A power wash to the floor is recommended with the mix of TSP powder to neutralize the PH value of the floor so that it can bond with epoxy easily.
  • For old and damaged floor, use of epoxy primer is necessary before applying epoxy coating.
  • The inside edge of the door should be taped well with a duct tape; also, epoxy coating should not be done on those edges.
Epoxy Floor Coating

Advantages of Epoxy Concrete Coating:

The epoxy coating has many advantages than normal traditional coatings on the floor:

  • The epoxy concrete coating makes the floor super shiny and hence, increases the room brightness.
  • Epoxy makes the surface durable and hard. Therefore, with industrial and commercial spaces, it is used especially for the finishing of the garage floors where heavy and massy loads are kept and have to be moved from one place to another without harming the surface.
  • Epoxy surfaces are low maintenance once they are installed; they are easy to clean and aesthetically appealing too.
  • An epoxy concrete coating surface resists oil stains and wipes super clean to create a seamless surface.
  • Epoxy can also be combined with paints and colors to mask the chipping and cracks off.
  • It makes the surface chemically resistant and thus, makes epoxy floors ideal for chemical plants and industries.
  • Different patterns could be achieved from epoxy to create signs for driveways or define walkable areas and thus adds to the convenience for the usage of the spaces.
  • Some products of epoxy can also be combined with self-leveling products to give even surface to the old floors and make them look appealing again for use.
  • Epoxy flooring gets harden in hours.
  • Epoxy makes the concrete floor moisture resistant.



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