Top Reasons Why Every Office Needs Window Tinting

Office windows, though mostly closed due to the air-conditioning, are the openings that bring the nature into the office. But offices are actually need a bit shielding from the nature to ensure a comfortable working environment. So, if the windows bring in too much of the nature, that would not be favourable. As windows are a source of heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, you may think of getting window treatments or installing replacement windows to reduce the effect. But that costs a lot of money. So, here is a better alternative – office tinting. Window films are great at solving these above concerns and have additional benefits as well:

Office Window Tinting

UV Protection: Ultraviolet rays are the harmful rays released by the sun. These rays harm the skin by causing sunburns, tanning and premature aging, harm the eyes, suppress the immune system and even cause skin cancer. Office tinting gives 99% rejection of ultraviolet light and thus shield you from these harmful rays.

Protects furniture: The sun’s heat is always damaging the furniture, carpets, artwork, and curtains silently and making its colour fade. An office has to look elegant always and faded furniture and carpets would not do the trick. So, to prevent this, you need office tinting as it shields the damaging rays of the sun. This way it protects your furniture and rugs and makes them last longer and reduces the office expenses.

Reduce Heat and Glare: Study says that office tinting can block up to 85% of the heat from the sun and 95% of the glare. These numbers are enough to prove that the tints can dramatically block the heat and glare and thereby increase the comfort level within the office making the place more convenient for working. Employees can work on computer without being interrupted by the light glares from the sun. Thus, you do not need to increase the brightness of the display screens which can be harmful to the eyes.

Energy Savings: According to the EPA’s Energy Star Buildings Manual, up to 50% of an office’s utility bill is wasted due to energy loss through untreated glasses. As glass tints block the sun’s heat up to an extent, the air conditioner has less work to do and thus consumes less energy. As the light glares are blocked by office tinting, the display screens can be used at low level of brightness and that contributes manifold in energy saving as well.


Security and privacy: Office tinting helps you to keep burglars at bay as well as keeps spies away from trying to steal important information. As the visibility of the interior of the office is greatly reduced from outside, lurkers cannot make out the interior layout of the office from outside. Also, in case of storms or earthquakes, if the office glass breaks, the tinting film holds the glass pieces together and prevents the glass from shattering into pieces and hurting anyone. A tinting over the conference room glass partition will ensure that the team leader can hold a private meeting with his team members and see to it that their plans are not spied upon through the glasses. This is an added feature of privacy.

Add Style: There are several types of office tinting styles to opt for. You get to choose film designs that would perfectly complement your office interiors. There is a wide range of choices in colours and the design or pattern. Customized glass tints can enhance the interior looks of your office.

The office tints may seem to be an extra burden on your budget while installing them. But, with the energy saving benefits and the protection it gives your interior office furniture and fixtures and prevents it from fading in colour due to the sun, saves you a lot of money. So, do the math. One time investment in office tinting can result into long time saving along with other several benefits.



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