Why Following Your Car’s Log Book Service Is So Important?

It is important to understand that buying a car is not the end of the story. You have to take care of its proper maintenance also. Regular servicing is really important in ensuring the future health condition of your car and its vital components. A lot of car owners believe that regular servicing is not so important in the first few years of a car’s life. They think that their car will run smoothly in the initial years without any kind of maintenance.

Well, they need to rethink.  It is really vital to follow the guidelines mentioned in the car’s log book service. We know, a log book is a record in which each and everything related to the timely servicing of your car is mentioned and maintained, and the guidelines are issued by the manufacturer of the car. If you want your car to deliver good performance in its entire life cycle then follow the schedule of servicing along with the other guidelines.

Car Log Book Service

Log Book Service

More About the Importance of Log Book Service

There are various components in a car that need to be handled carefully at the time of servicing. Since everyone cannot take care of such parts, therefore it is better to take the car to an authorized service station. There you can get your car inspected and repaired by the skilled professionals, who know how to follow the guidelines mentioned in the log book. However, you can also consider taking your car to the local or independent garages,  who have certified mechanics.

Many car brands offer certifications to independent mechanics and provide them the much needed training for following the log book. So, even the local mechanics that have a thorough knowledge of servicing cars of that particular brand can be considered for this task. They know how to work according to the log book and enhance the performance as well as durability of your car. If you are still not convinced, below are the three main reasons that make log book service so important.

#1. Warranty– When you get the servicing of your car done as per the rules of your log book then the warranty policy remains intact. In case anything happens to your car, the manufacturer will take care of the same. All you need to do is follow the guidelines and get your car serviced as per the mentioned schedule. Use of good quality and genuine auto parts is also important here. You can surely come across local mechanics and garages where the servicing is carried out as per the log book.

#2. Resale value– Another major advantage of working according to the log book is that you get a better price for your car when you try to sell it. When the prospective buyers would take a look at the summary of car’s log book and they will find that you have maintained your vehicle properly, they will surely feel more confident about paying the price quoted by you. After all, a well maintained car can deliver decent performance for many years. Hence, a car with good log book history can fetch a better price in the market.

#3. Saves money– Timely servicing of a car and its major components can help you save time and money also. When the car is inspected on regular basis, it becomes easier to detect a minor issue in its initial stages; which if left unaddressed can turn into a major one. No doubt, you will have to shell out more money in that case.

Thus, looking at these points you can see how important is log book servicing.


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