Guide to Knowing Tens Machine and Its Benefits

The Tens machine is a unique invention that has been used by several therapists for pain management. People who suffer from chronic pain have benefitted from it greatly. Though it is quite popular in the medical industry, not many people are aware of it. In fact, when doctor or physician prescribes the treatment, they panic as they have never heard about it.

Tens Machine
Tens Machine

What exactly is the Tens Machine?

Tens is a shorter version of “Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation”. Since the name is too long like most of the medical terminologies, it is known by its abbreviation. It is a portable device that has electrodes hooked to it. These electrodes are placed on the skin in areas where one experiences severe pain. As the machine is switched on, it will emit electrical current or shocks to the specific part of the body. These shocks are mild in nature and act as stimulation to the nerves.

How effective is the Tens Machine?

  • Removing Blockages from Nerves: As the low-frequency electrical pulses pass through the skin, the nerve fibers are stimulated. The blocked nerves that cause pain are sent signals and the blockages release. Hence, the tens machine is effective in dealing with the spot treatments. In fact, many people find it a better alternative to pain killers. Whether you experience pain in the knee, wrist, back etc, it can help you deal without any chemical procedures. In simpler words, the machine will scramble the pain messages that are sent to the brain from specific part of your body and promote healing by improving the blood circulation. However, the intensity of electrical sensation varies from one person to another, so only a trained supervisor must do the operation of the TENS machine.
  • Releasing Endorphins: It is the tens machine that helps the body to release the endorphins. They are the happy hormones that help you get rid of the anxiety and irritation that usually comes with pain. It is not just about dealing with general pain or body irritation but also severe disorders that one has been suffering for ages. Several physiotherapists vouch for this kind of treatment to help their patients gain back the strength and ease out the pain.
Tens Machine
Tens Machine

Who can use the Tens Machine?

Eventually, the machine is used for treatments and hence physicians or technicians use it for their patients. People who undergo severe pain at any point of the day can have their personal device. However, they have to be trained to use the same.

There are different settings on the machine and each one varies as per the intensity of the pain and the nature of the disorder. Hence, one has to be careful in using the same. Ideally, the machine is helpful in dealing with the following types of pains:

  • musculoskeletal pain
  • long-term back pain
  • knee joint arthritis
  • early stages of labor
  • migraine headaches
  • period pains
  • sports injuries
  • sometimes: tiredness, insomnia or dementia.

Many times this machine treatment is combined with several other procedures to help the person deal with the pain. However, it is not to be misunderstood as the final treatment. The aim is to deal with intense pain but with mild complications. It can help you cut down your amount of pain killers that you have been taking all these years. But, many people assume it to be the ‘only’ source of treatment which it is not. Also, do not think of buying the machine and using it without any medical guidance.


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