Detailed Overview On Crane Trucks: Read About Them!

A crane truck literally means cranes mounted on a truck. The size of the truck on which a crane has to be mounted depends on the size of the crane. The size of the crane truck is determined and deployed according to the nature of the job that has to be performed. Depending on the lifting capacity and on the nature of the work, the crane trucks are divided into three categories, light duty crane trucks, moderate duty crane trucks and heavy duty crane trucks.

Crane Trucks


A light duty crane truck can lift up to 3000 kg whereas the lifting capacity of heavy-duty crane trucks may be more than 13000 kg. In general, two types of cranes are mounted on trucks, telescopic or articulating cranes. Telescopic booms can reach the height ranging from 80 to 200 feet. On the other hand, articulating or knuckle-boom are highly maneuverable and can deal with heavy objects easily in a congested working place. Since truck tires can burst while lifting heavy weights, the whole truck is lifted off the ground by outriggers. These strong outriggers give the trucks stability and good balance as well.

Advantages of Crane Trucks

  • A crane truck being an independent vehicle, the driver can drive on any road to reach the site of work. As they are available in different sizes and capacity, users have the opportunity to choose the best one that suits them most. However, a crane truck can perform multiple tasks.
  • These cranes can be moved to any site, on road or off road. Which no other bigger machine can unless these crane trucks make way and suitable place for them.
  • The telescopic boom can lift and carry exceedingly heavy objects. Booms in such cranes being retractable and extendable, they are capable of doing varieties of jobs. Strong steel cable or ropes are used with hooks attached to fix with the object to be dealt with. These booms can also swing heavy objects to an intended place easily and very quickly.
  • The crane trucks with knuckle boom or articulating boom cranes can carry heavy objects like an electric transformer, electric and telecommunication poles, large and heavy sewer or water pipes etc from place to place.
  • While the truck on which the crane is mounted remains stationary, the crane can rotate in any angle even up to 360 degrees., which is a great advantage with such crane.
  • The modern crane trucks have radio controlled devices for super performance and accurate delivery of the assignment. The ability of computerized load calculation device that such cranes have, adds safety to their use in critical situations.
  • These cranes can accomplish many different tasks with the use of right kind of attachments.
  • The crane truck is operated by a single engine for both the crane and the truck itself. While the truck is powered by fuel the crane is powered via hydraulics.


Crane Trucks Melbourne


Importance of Crane Trucks

The crane trucks are used in almost all industries be a medium scale or large scale. Their mobility, maneuverability, and balance with outriggers add additional importance. Because of these qualities, they are widely used in almost all industries and business establishments. Since the requirement of manpower to operate a crane truck is a well-trained operator and two to three assistants, it saves a lot of expenditure on manpower. Fast moving ability is another importance as far as time-saving is concerned, which has great commercial value.

Industries today need the job to be done with extreme perfection, in less possible time. In such circumstances, a crane truck proves to be the best choice across all the industries. These crane trucks are indispensable in all kind of construction industries, from building to bridge and from the road to runways. They are equally important for various private and government agencies to carry out rescue and salvage operations during natural calamities.


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