How would you Deal with Professional Clogged Drain Cleaning Services?

Blocked drain is a very common issue and definitely occurs in every household at some point of time. It is important to avail the blocked drain cleaning service to ensure proper flow of the sewage waste and water. Usually the sink takes longer time to drain the water in comparison to the drains.

  • The common symptom of clogging of drain is unpleasant strange odor.
  • In this regards, you need to maintain your personal hygiene by removing the clutter from your drainage system. The first thing you need to do is to go for the full inspection of your drainage system by hiring some professionals, and they will indentify the exact blockages in your drains.
  • Then they will clean the drainage system with their advanced tools and they will also suggest you the drain maintenance tips to avoid any problems in future.
Blocked Drain Cleaning Service
Blocked Drain Cleaning Service

How do you Clean your Clogged Drains by the DIY Methods?

There are several organizations that offer blocked drain cleaning service at different affordable price ranges. The common preventive measures that can be taken to prevent clogging of drains are explained below. The common measures that can be taken include removal of the hair and gunk that gets accumulated in the drain.

  • Bending of the wire hanger: Here firstly it is essential to get hold of a regular wire hanger which has to be bent one end of the wire and create a hook after straightening it. Then, it can be pushed into the drain cover. It is important to make sure that the gunk is pulled out and not pushed further inside. You need to plug out the debris deposited inside your drains, and you need to clean the drains with hot water mixed with cleaning solutions.
  • Baking soda and vinegar: Pouring 1/3rd cup of baking soda with same amount of vinegar over the clogged drain can clear up the mess to a large extent. The mixture would help to clean up the gunk, the hair and other debris.
  • Wet and dry vacuum: The wet and dry vacuum shop is one of the most effective methods to clean up the drains. The drain should be covered initially by creating tight seal. The vacuum when turned to its highest setting would be very effective to bring out the clog through the pipe and dump it into another vacuum bag.
  • Boiling water: Cleaning the drain with the help of boiling water is one of the most effective, easiest, quickest and traditional methods. The water should be boiled and poured slowly over the drain in two to three phases allowing the water to sink after each pour. The boiling water will remove the debris from the drains.
  • Caustic soda: Before cleaning the drains with caustic soda it is mandatory to use gloves and eye protection. Exposure to the caustic soda can cause burns. About 3 cups of soda should be added to 3-4 gallons of water and stirred well with wooden spoon. It would begin to heat up.
  • Dish detergent: Cleaning the drain with dish detergent is also an effective method for removing clogging of drains. The detergent would act as a lubricant and help to remove grease.
Blocked Drain
Blocked Drain

How would you Hire the Best Clogged Drain Services?

  • The accreditations and certifications of the organization usually determine the amount of work they can carry out perfectly in minimum time.
  • It should be checked whether they are insured. The insurance of the company usually gives you the assurance that if any damage occurs it would be recovered.

You can clean the drain by using the DIY methods initially, but you will face the same problems after a certain time. It is better to hire the clogged drain services and they will clean the drainage system completely.


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