All That You Want To Know About Window Blinds

In simple terms, Blinds are coverings used to conceal windows. In the market there are wide ranges of blinds available. There are specific blinds that use different kinds of control systems. A typical window blind contains many vertical or horizontal slats made up of different types of durable material like metal, wood, or plastic held in place by cords. These cords run through the slats of the blinds. By using a remote control, window blinds can be moved by rotating from an open position; this can be done manually as well. If the stats are spaced out, they overlap and block out almost all of the light.



Why use window blinds at home? 

Window blinds reduce the heat from sunlight. So, every household need to have window blinds installed in order to protect their families from heat. 

Few important things to consider while purchasing window blinds for home improvement 

  • Light and privacy – In this regard, take a call on whether room needs to be bright, more ventilated or cozier. Does the house owner prefer to completely block out the light or hang semi-transparent cloth so that the light can come in marginally and give shade? Are the windows close to the front door or is facing the home’s sunny side? All these factors need to be considered when selecting a window blind.
  • The budget – Is the house owner looking to cover only one window or is he/she planning to use blinds for all the windows? Some house owners prefer to spend a lot on one main window and reduce the spending on the others. The cost of these window blinds depends on the size. Hence, larger blinds cost more. If these blinds need to be customized by using special fabrics and patterns, the overall cost goes up. So once you have a budget in mind you can take the ight decision in this regard.
  • Time and efforts for cleaning blinds – The regular blinds can be easily cleaned at home but the magnets used in the blinds need frequent attention. Blinds that are made of fabrics and weave that can hide the dirt better and can be cleaned properly using vacuum cleaners of professional cleaning.
  • Formal, comfortable, casual, or chic? – Subtle colors are perfect for rooms that are decorated with light colors. Bright colors give out dramatic and fun vibes. So you need to consider your home setup and then go for the appropriate blinds suitable for your setup.
  • Safety – Does the house have small children? And, do the binds need to be streamlined by shades and streamlined blinds?
  • If the house owner is looking for slats that can be tilted, blinds are best. Blinds are flexible and allow the users to adjust the covering as per their discretion.
  • Wood blinds are available in polished or painted finishes or come in light or dark colors.
  • Insulating blinds are used to block or filter light and help in conserving energy.
  • Wider horizontal slats make the windows look big and make the space look bigger in apartments with tiny rooms.
  • Vertical blinds are suitable for wider windows that are for taller windows.
  • Pinoleum blinds – These are blinds made of small wooden twigs that are joined together by vertical threading. This weave can be drawn upwards. 


Advantages and Disadvantages of Blinds 

  • Upside – Blinds can always be covered to give a finished look when the slats are open. These are very handy for bedrooms and bathrooms because they provide the right kind of privacy.
  • Downside – Blinds require the users complete attention and need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Without this, the slats can easily attract grime and dust.

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