Several Benefits of Getting a Central Vacuum System Installed in Your Home

Most people prefer to opt for a central vacuum system to achieve a cleaner home. Similar to vents in every room with the air conditioner system, central vacuuming also has vents in every room for the dust and dirt to be sucked or pumped out from a central collection unit from where the dust and dirt is delivered outside home. This is considered to be a practical ways to vacuum a large space or an apartment as you do not have to carry the vacuum cleaner to every place you want to vacuum.

central vacuum system

Central Vacuum System

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Advantages of having central vacuum installed

  • Better cleaning: One of the key benefits of a central vacuum system compared to normal portable vacuum cleaners is that the central unit delivers better cleaning. Basically, the fan and the motor and other cleaning parts present in the central vacuum unit have a greater strength than the normal ones. Hence, you can expect in depth and thorough room cleaning. This system is designed to provide you a clean ambience in your home.
  • Enhanced suction capability: Another key reason behind the growing popularity of the central vacuum system is the high suction power. In regular vacuum cleaners, the suction power is of 60-90 cubic feet/ minute whereas with central units this suction power can rise up to 185 cubic feet/ minute. Better cleaning can be experienced.
  • Delivers better air quality: Installing central vacuum units in home ensures that the quality of air circulating inside your room is drastically improved. Another major advantage is that the dirt collection unit is installed outside the living zone. This simply means all the dust and dirt collected from your living spaces are transferred to places like attics or basements which are rarely used. If you use a portable vacuum cleaner instead of a central vacuum system, then the dust collection process takes place in your living space only where some part of the dust may escape back and cause much irritation. While improving the quality of air the central vacuum system also reduces the allergy causes and irritation.
  • Easy to use: Vacuum cleaners are pretty heavy and carrying them from one room to the other for cleaning could be a bit of a difficult job for anyone. The central vacuum system comes with a lightweight vacuum pipe which needs to be taken from one room to other and plugged in to the designated ports to start cleaning. When the cleaning pipe is unplugged from the inlet port then it automatically turns off.
  • Easy to maintain: With the central vacuum units installed in your home you do not have to worry about the broken belts, dust bag and filter replacements and all that because then central systems are easy to clean and maintain. You no longer have to install in costly maintenance and periodic repair if you are using a central unit.
  • Cost effective system: Most central vacuum unit user never go back to the old way of vacuum cleaning and one of the major reasons for this is the cost effectiveness of these units. It is far more economical in the long run compared to traditional vacuum cleaners. With central units installed you get greater suction at a competitive rate. It increases the real estate value of your home as well.
  • Low on noise: Last but not the least central vacuum system makes less noise while cleaning compared to the traditional vacuum cleaners. As the motor is placed outdoors the sound goes outdoors as well. In this way, you are able to get efficient results with the least noise.

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