Sneak An Insightful Peek Into The World Of Metal Fabrication And Its Processes

Metal fabrication is all about manipulating metal to transform it into new structure that stands strong for years. Fabrication is an industrial term that means manufacturing a defined shape of a planned structure from metal which is usually steel. Metals in those times were used to make weapons and tools like arrows, spears and hammers. They were used to break or destroy something – kill someone – that needed more than manual exertion.

After humans evolved gradually, metals began to be seen as something that can be molded, melted and reshaped to get more than just rudimentary tools or structures. Fabrication of metal involves more than just heating and go as far as bending, metal forming, welding, laser cutting and alloying or other metallurgical process to consolidate its basic strength. Such processes are performed with a view to increasing its usability and utility for heavy duty industrial applications.

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Metal Fabrication

Metal is everywhere

We are all surrounded by great materials including metals that make our world bigger and more inclusive than we think. You might have examined steel buildings that you zealously call churches, fire departments, schools and govt offices. Steel has ability to blend into the surroundings like no other material. We deal with metal every day in many forms that all contain metal.

A brief history of metal fabrication

Metal fabrication has its root planted in history. Fabricated metal parts helped many humans of ancient times survive in worst possible condition. The modern use of metal has resemblance with history. Iron, stainless steel, copper and aluminum are used generously to manufacture products that we use and need every day. Consider automobile parts or buildings that you visit regularly and you will comprehend the role of metal fabrications in the world of engineering.

Fabrication types

Applications of metal fabrications is wide and infused far into different verticals of industries. Some of them are automobile parts, boat components, aircraft parts, tanks, metal shark cages, etc.

Metal bending and forming

Forming of the metal is performed with hydraulic press brakes, which is a big leap from what men on ancient history used to use. Metal bending is the process that is done right using shaped dies and mandrels. They can bend tubular sections of the metal. To form a round section from plate steel, rolling machines are used.

Plasma Cutting

Metal is not something that can be cut that easily. This is why plasma cutting method is used for metal fabrication process. It involves a plasma torch that cuts different thicknesses of metal under process. It works best on steel bringing unbelievable accuracy to the final product. Pressurized inert gas and electricity power are used in combination to create a high potential stream of pressure. This in turn melts the metal blow it away before it dries up.


This word is not new to any of us since welding is the age-old method used to join two metallic structures. What differentiates welding from plasma cutting is the fact that welding depends on various energy sources such as electricity, friction, heat and ultrasound.

How to select the most professional metal fabrication expert?

Metal fabrication is no ordinary business and it requires a person to gather specialized knowledge from certified learning centers. But the eligibility does not end there. To be a professional expert in metal processing and fabrication, one must undergo on-the-job training to learn practical skills of industrial level.

metal fabrication melbourne
Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication process is incomplete without detailed strategy and design idea checked and assessed by engineers before it reaches its final finished stage. When you offer a plan for particular structure design, the fabrication company collects materials from the market to implement on the plan you feed. Both workers and engineers will inspect and examine all aspects of metal strength and design as it gets cut, welded and joined and before the final product leaves the plan.

Hope you like the above mentioned information. If you would like to know more then let’s go to the details to get some more useful information about Metal fabrication.


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