Factors To Consider While Using Pallets Used For Exporting Products

With the passing of time pallets seem to have undergone a lot of changes and material transformations. These days there is a wide range of pallets available in different dimensions and also different materials, like metal, plastic, wood and wood composites. Though there are different options in the material of these pallets, wood seems to be the most preferred one. Most of these pallets are specifically designed to reach up to the requirements of the customers, but before you decide on opting for these you need to consider the below factors.

export pallets melbourne
Export Pallets
  1. Considering the Strength:

    The capacity of load bearing of the pallet is the first consideration and an essential one. It is important that the pallet is able to bear the weight of the load which is to be shipped. There are two designs to choose from, namely the ‘stringer pallet’ and the ‘block pallet’. Block pallets, though a little costlier as compared to the stringer pallet, are able to carry more loads with less of pallet weight.

  2. Durability of the Pallet:

    Durability of a pallet means how much load the pallet can bear if used in a continuous manner for shipping, besides the handling. You discount this aspect if you intend on using the pallet only once. You also need to consider the way these pallets are transported in-house. In case the pallet needs to travel for long durations on any means of specialized delivery method then it is imperative to choose the correct pallet.

  3. Efficiency:

    The pallets need to be efficient and suitable for the product that needs to be shipped. The way of handling and packaging equipment also need careful consideration. Besides other considerations, the destination needs to be kept in purview before making a choice of the pallet. As block pallets provide access of the pallet jack on all four sides, this tends to work well for all sorts of usage.  As compared to this, the stringer pallets allow only limited access and that too if they are not well serrated.

export pallets melbourne
Export Pallets

Choosing between Wood and Plastic Pallets

We are now well aware that pallets are made of different materials, namely wood or plastic. Choosing between the two can get easy if you consider the factors listed below:

  • Wooden pallets can be easily repaired, are relatively less costly and can be recycled. Since they are made of wood then tend to be capable of holding more weight which is important when choosing a pallet. The disadvantages of this are that wood tends to chip, become moist and get attracted by bugs and termites, if the wood is not treated well. All of this can be damaging to the products. On the other hand, plastic pallets are bug-free and resistant to all types of weather; however, they cost more and are difficult to repair.
  • You need to know, that industries which operate in enclosed environments, tend to opt for plastic pallets. Industries like beverage, dairy and pharmaceuticals and automotive use plastic pallets for cost efficiency.
  • The weight and fragility of the products can help determine whether your company requires wooden pallets or plastic pallets. Wooden pallets are suitable for heavy products, while plastic can be ideal for lighter and fragile ones as there less chance of damage.
  • If you wish to opt for the plastic pallets make sure of the fire codes and buy the pallets which are UL-listed.
custom pallets
Custom Pallets

Above are very good reasons to consider the type of pallet your company would like to engage in as their use and purpose, although similar, that would save you time and money.


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