Learn About Lay Flat Hoses And How They Are Used For Multiple Purposes?

Hose is one of the important and basic pieces of equipment in the firefighters’ toolbox, in domestic water supply for irrigation, for ground water projects etc.

This enables a long lasting performance to be delivered.

Let us learn about the reliability of hoses in various applications in items we use every day:

  • Hose must be capable of safe operation.
  • We should be able to work at set pressure.
  • It should be break-proof and leak-proof.
lay flat hose
Lay Flat Hose

There are many kinds of hoses, in which 3 types are the most important:

  • Hose reel hose
  • Suction hose.
  • Lay flat delivery hose: It is used in agriculture, construction, mining and wastewater industries in water pumping applications
  • Light duty PVC hoses:Light duty PVC hoses are suitable for dewatering, irrigation and similar water pumping applications.
  • Medium-duty PVC lay flat hoses: Medium-duty PVC lay flat hoses are suitable for dewatering and irrigation where a higher water pressure and more durable lay flat hose is required.
  • Heavy duty PVC hoses: Heavy duty lay flat hose is used where a high water pressure product is required. They are designed in such a way that they operate at high water pressure for longer durations, and the layer or body is uneven and they are able to minimize scuffing on the outside because of this feature.
lay flat bore hose
Lay Flat Bore Hose

Storage and handling of lay flat hoses:

To enable easy storage of these lay flat hoses in various appliance lockers, it needs to be:

  • It must be light weight
  • Able to neatly coil in small circles wither in a dry or wet condition.
  • Must be sturdy and durable during and after performance.
  • Must have a highly resistant to abrasion.
  • It must be easily repairable
  • Must have a fast deployment and retrieval.

It must have undergone quality tests and acceptance tests. They are tested not only for pressure but for pressure fluctuations. These hoses are designed and created to perform serious job and hence a lot of importance is given for quality.

How should you take care of your hoses?

Although these are quality tested, you should take precautionary measure not to deliberately bring harm or damage to the hose. Here are some tips: –

  • Ensure heavy vehicles are not driven over the lay flat hoses. If you need to lay these hose across the road or your paths, you must make sure hose ramps are used.
  • As much as possible, lay these hoses straight. If you bend it around the corners, the pressure of the liquid or water may reduce and there may be a breakage of the layer over a period of time.
  • If the hose is frozen do not attempt to roll it up. The sharp ice particles can cause damage to the hose.
  • When hose is used for certain substances or systems such as foam, you should ensure you rinse off the hose thoroughly with clean water.
layflat hose
Layflat Hose

Ensure you buy lay flat hoses from reputed and distinguished suppliers, wholesalers of lay flat hoses.  They are several online suppliers who ensure a quick next day delivery.  You have an enquiry form on the websites and you can get your information. You can also check for various suppliers, check their reviews, their services and reputation and also compare quotes from each of them.

This article has given you a basic understanding on the available features and its uses. Identify your requirement; speak to a specialist so you can purchase the correct lay flat hose for your needs.


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