Plastic Pallets Tend To Be Easy For Shipping

Pallets have been used since a very long time for material handling in different aspects of a supply chain. This packaging is normally used in the transportation and storage of goods. Pallets are available in different materials like plastic, wood or even metal. Here we will inform you the different benefits of plastic pallets so that you are able to make an informed choice in a convenient manner. Due to the process of injection molding, plastic pallets are designed to be more durable and also space efficient.

plastic pallets melbourne
Plastic Pallets

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Few benefits of using plastic pallets are:  

  • Less Space requiredWooden pallets for shipping work out inconvenient as these tend to be heavier and need to be stacked on top of each other. This works out more expensive. Plastic pallets work out cheaper as they are lighter and there is no need to stack these. They can be conveniently stored in a small space.
  • DurabilityThere is a chance of wooden pallets breaking which is not so with plastic pallets. There is no way that plastic splinters like wood. With the product design of the plastic pallets being cohesive, they tend to be tough even in harsh weather conditions.
  • Flexibility Factor:Plastic pallets tend to be flexible as compared to the other materials used for pallets. This is able to accommodate different types and sizes of good without any problem, within one pallet. On the contrary wooden pallets can accommodate only a specific type of good. Plastic pallets are generally available with dividers, which makes the packing of different goods easy.
  • Transportation is EasyAs we all know that plastic is a light material. Transporting goods in these does not cost much due to their lightness. This material is almost 35% lighter as compared to wood. It is also tough and durable which makes transporting goods easy.
  • Considering the EnvironmentMost of the organizations are committed to the saving the environment by producing less of waste. Using plastic pallets is one suitable way to do this as this can be recycled. This is not the case with wooden pallets, as if these are damaged they need to be either burned or thrown in the landfill.
  • Hygiene and Cleanliness looked intoA company shipping their products in wooden pallets tends to face the damage caused to these pallets by termites. Wooden pallets can also cause bacteria or fungus to affect the quality of the goods being shipped. Plastic, that can be cleaned easily, does not pose these dangers. All that is required for the cleaning of a plastic pallet is using the water hose to wash the dirt off. This cannot be applied to wood, as any type of moisture can attract mold and fungus.
  • Handling of Plastic Pallets is SafeAs we all know plastic pallets does not have any splinters or sharp edges. This works out safer to handle and is a preferred choice for many transportation companies.
  • Delivery can be on timeWooden pallets being used for transportation need to follow some regulations, which is not so with plastic pallets. The delivery with these pallets can be done on time and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Suitable for all climatesThere are no restrictions of using plastic pallets in harsh weather conditions as they are able to tolerate any condition without causing any damage to the good stored and transported in them. This is not the case with wood. Wooden pallets cannot be exposed to moisture and wet conditions.
plastic pallets sunshine
Plastic Pallets

Keeping the above mentioned benefits in mind, it is advisable to opt for plastic pallets for the transportation or storage of your goods. 


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