How To Decide On The Right Kitchen Designs

Kitchen is considered the most special and important part of any home. Homeowners try every idea to make the kitchen look great. These days, kitchen designs are just endless.  Right from colorful laminates to wooden finishes to monochrome textures, you have everything. You just need to choose the one that fits your budget and complements well with the rest of the house.

kitchen designs melbourne

Kitchen Designs

Some Popular Kitchen Designs

  • Colorful kitchens- In early days, people used to have a plain kitchen with no color and design incorporated in it. Things have changed today and homeowners prefer colorful kitchens. Yes, these kitchens look marvelous and unique. Right from the cabinets to your countertops, you can get it all in different colors and patterns. Once you have reached the right kitchen company, you can get all those pastel and bright shades to pep up your kitchen.
  • Wooden kitchens- People who love to see their kitchens in that natural and traditional tone always go for wooden kitchens. In such a kitchen, the cabinets and other drawers have a woody finish. You can either go for a dark wood shade or a light wood shade, depending upon your taste. Lighter wood is often preferred, as it makes your kitchen look spacious. In fact, it will cost you much lesser than that solid wood.
  • Monochrome kitchen- If you love it in a decent and simple way then, you should go for a monochrome kitchen. It is the best kitchen design for those who need a sophisticated kitchen. Creating a black and white theme in your kitchen can offer a modern touch to your kitchen while keeping it subtle and spacious. Right from your walls to the countertops, you can choose to have them in the shades of grey, white and black.
  • Backsplash/tiles- Let’s calculate your kitchens real area for decorating them with tiles. For one-meter square areas, almost 100 tiles of 10 cm squared are required. No doubt, both the backsplash and tiles can serve the purpose well and will enhance the entire look of your kitchen. However, you cannot think of avoiding it completely, as it is important to protect your wall from spills and scratches.
  • Built-in appliances- A kitchen with a built-in space for the electronic appliances looks much more organized and bigger. You can get the perfectly sized spaces built in your wall for your mixer, microwave, hand blender, water geyser and other appliances. Proper built-in spaces will provide you more space to work on the countertop and keep the kitchen mess-free.  You must know this sort of arrangement costs a lot higher than a regular modular kitchen. 
kitchen designs melbourne

Kitchen Designs

How to Decide on the Right Kitchen Designs

  • For smaller places, try sticking to white or lighter colors to give it the illusion of more space.
  • Keep the use in mind when opting for a kitchen designs. For instance, if you are planning to have breakfast in the kitchen every day, you need to have space for a stool and a table, however small.
  • Similarly, keep your number of appliances in mind. You don’t want to design a kitchen that has no space for your fancy oven or juicer.
gallery kitchens melbourne

Gallery Kitchens

Money saving tips

  1. If installing the tiles on the wall is out of your budget, just paint it in a different pattern. You can think of accent tiles too.  
  2. People also opt for glass against the wall with customized designs. This speaks a lot about the house and the owner!
  3. If there is no space left to create built-in space for appliances, then you can go with an extra shelve above your counter to keep all the appliances.
  4. Monochrome kitchens can be a little time saving and affordable, as you are not required to hunt for different colors of cabinets at different stores then.
  5. It is better to opt for wood veneer kitchens if you have a tight budget.
  6. For flooring, you can choose to have vinyl, if real wood is out of your pocket.
gallery kitchens melbourne

Gallery Kitchens

The blog has been written for reader to provide useful information about kitchen designs right for your kitchen. Still want to know more then let’s go the details and get more info on it.


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