The Rubber Molding Service With The Right Service Provider

You need to be aware that ‘molding’ is a process which is used in the manufacturing industry in which the raw material like plastic, rubber, glass or even metal are provided different shapes with the help of a mold. This mold is a container, in which the raw material in the liquid form is poured, turning it into a solid of the desired shape and size. Rubber molding is able to create rubber products from elastomers also known as untreated rubber. These elastomers have properties which are elastic in nature. That is, they tend to return into their original shapes when pressure is applied.

rubber moulding

Rubber Moulding

Rubber Molding Services chosen

When choosing services for rubber molding you need to be aware of the different methods used for rubber molding.

  1. Injection Molding of Rubber:
    In this process the rubber is provided to the nozzle and the barrel assembly of the injection machines in a continuous manner. Rubber of a high consistency is used in this, known as the ‘gum stock’. A pressurized device is used to supply the ‘gum stock’ to the barrel. The mold which is heated is closed with the injection press, with the required pressure being applied to ensure that the mold is closed during the cycles of the injection. The screw injects the rubber through the nozzle into the mold. The rubber then enters into the cavities of the mold after it has travelled through a system of runners and sprues. This fills and packs the cavities to the shape desired. The rubber is heated with the friction caused by the Screw, Runner, Sprue and Gate besides the heat. After the cycle of cure is complete the rubber is released.
  2. Compression Molding:
    This can be termed as the simplest process used for rubber molding. Uncured rubber is placed in a mold which tends to close due to the hydraulic pressure. This part is removed once the mold opens. The excessive rubber is then trimmed. This form of molding is usually done for medium hardness compounds. This works ideal as there is minimum tool cost involved; besides, this process also works well for small production of big parts. The material is not required to pass through sprues, gates or runners. You can say this is less complicated procedure of the lot.
  3. The Method of Transfer Molding:
    This method can be different in shape, size and complexity and can have more than one cavity. The rubber being placed in a transfer pot above the cavity area is pushed into the cavity by the use of a Piston through a Runner, Sprue and Gate method. This rubber is cured using the system of pressure and heat. This method of molding is similar to the injection molding system as the rubber is able to enter the cavity once the mold is shut. This method of molding rubber makes the products less expensive as compared to the rubber products made using other processes.
  4. Choosing Rubber Molding Services
    Before you make a choice of the rubber molding services, it is essential to understand the different methods used. A reputed service provider of rubber products will be able to offer you end-to-end services. Experience in the molding of rubber is essential as this process is complicated. They should be able to advise the customer, right after knowing the exact requirement of the customer. Keeping the price factor in focus, you can compare the different providers for this service. You need to make sure there is no compromise made on the quality of the services offered. A rubber molding service will have the exact information of the required temperatures the rubber needs to be molded as per the regulatory requirements.

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