Care and Maintenance of Truck Batteries

Truck batteries are automotive batteries which are rechargeable and are able to provide the required electric energy to an automobile. These are also called SLI, which stands for start, light and ignition. The main purpose of these is to start the engine. It is known that starting is able to discharge the battery capacity to less than three percent. These batteries are designed in a manner that they are able to release current which is measured in amperes and then will be recharged. Truck batteries are normally not designed for a full discharge as this can decrease the life span.

truck batteries

Truck Batteries

Safety Precaution to be used when charging Batteries

Batteries normally contain lead-acid which consists of sulphuric acid and it is advised to make sure that only authorized and trained people handle this.  These batteries of lead-acid are able to produce explosive mixtures of the oxygen and hydrogen gases when being charged. It is necessary to make sure that these batteries are charged in areas which are well ventilated and which have been approved. It is equally important to install an eye-wash station and a safety shower in the area used for charging.

Healthy Battery Maintenance

In case of battery running low the right charging can avoid the expenses for a new battery. All that you need to do is make sure to read the instruction manual for battery charging carefully as this can be dangerous, as mentioned earlier. Before you charge the battery make sure

  • You do not try to charge a battery which is dried-out. If required, you can think of adding drinking water to just a little above the battery plates, making sure you do not overfill.
  • The terminals of the batteries should be free from any corrosion and also clean.
  • Make sure to refer to the manual provided by the manufacturers of the battery.
  • You need to identify the negative and positive terminals of the battery and make sure to attach the right charger leads.
  • If you intend charging the battery which is connected to a vehicle, you need to make sure that the electrical system of the truck is protected against any overvoltage or, you can make sure that the charger does not have any voltages on the higher side as this can be damaging the electrical system of the truck.
  • Make sure that the battery acid does not drip into the charger when filling the battery or even reading the specific gravity of the electrolyte.
  • The chargers need to be located quite far away from the battery.
truck battery replacement

Truck Battery Replacement

Maintenance of a Battery

Making sure that the voltage of a battery does not drop below 12.4 volts is the right way to store a battery. You can opt for a ‘battery maintainer’ which is helpful in this. You have two types of maintenance chargers.

  1. A fully automatic multistep or multi stage chargers are able to monitor a battery and charge it when required. These chargers tend to charge at different voltages and different amperages. Some of these can also be used as battery charges.
  1. Float chargers are able to provide voltage on a constant basis with amperage which tapers to the battery even if it is fully charged. These floating chargers can range from almost 13.0 volts to 13.8 volts.
cheap truck batteries

Cheap Truck Batteries

If using a maintenance charger is not possible it is advised to disconnect the battery from the specific vehicle when not in use as this can avoid the discharging of the battery. Before storing a battery, you must ensure to fully charge it and check the voltage of the battery every six months once. Also, you must to store the battery in a place which is dry and cool.

After reading this blog you have all the necessary information about truck batteries. If you still want to know more then let’s go here and get more information.


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