Use Commercial Curtains In The Best Possible Way To Have A Positive Impression On Your Clients

Window Curtains or Blinds are an essential part of every home. And why are they important? Because they give you the privacy you require, versatility of the lighting in your home and also control of the climate. It can also happen that instead of the shutters and the blinds, you can opt for the curtains that enhance the commercial décor of your factory or the commercial office. But when you go in for choosing good commercial curtains, it can get a little confusing.

Commercial Curtains

Commercial Curtains

What are the multiple uses of commercial curtains?

  • Now before you actually select a curtain think about what you actually need it for. If it is just to beautify your home, then you might think of some nice thin curtains with maybe a nice solid color.  In such cases you don’t really need to spend money on thick commercial curtains.
  • Now, if you are looking at curtains for your bedroom, it obviously has to give you privacy and hence think of thick and opaque. Also you could mount them maybe up to a foot or six inches on either side so as to give more light blockage and increased privacy. 
  • Also think if your curtains are thick it can save you money too. You ask how? Well, it blocks out the sun in summers and retains the warmth inside during winters. So isn’t that great. You save on power.
Commercial Curtains

Commercial Curtains

What are the points to be noted while you buy commercial curtains?

Before you go and buy yourself a curtain, let us give you some pointers which might be useful for you:

  • To avoid any loss of light it would be better to get the curtains fitted to the outside reveal. You could create magic with just your poles too. You could make narrow windows broad or heighten short windows.
  • It is preferred that curtains are always floor length except for cottages or kitchens and bathrooms. In these places curtains of sill length would be more practical and proportionate. And as far as full length curtains go, it is suggested that they are always slightly overlong or skimming.  
  • As we already told, dress curtains could be used where you only need the ‘look’. You could even try roman blinds with dress curtains on either side.


You can choose from the pleated curtains and tracking poles

Sheer curtains can be used when you want a romantic or floaty feel to a room. But otherwise it is preferred that curtains are lined. The interlinings bring better fall and drape of the curtains and also protects the fabrics from dirt and dust as well as from getting dull from too much sunlight. It also gives a luxurious look to the curtains. 

  • You also need to think about the pleats or headings. Tape headings are quite economical. Hand headings are made by hand and usually bring out the design elements of the fabric. Again hand headings are of various kinds like French, double, pin hook, goblet, box, cartridge and lots more. French pleats seem to be the favorite.
  • The type of track and pole basically comes down to personal preference. Also you need to think about the space needed for fixings above the window. The choice of pole depends on the weight of the curtains.
  • Top treatments like pelmets, valances or lambrequins give a lovely elegance to a room. So give them a thought too.

Whatever kind of benefits you are looking at, make sure you do your homework before you go and order commercial curtains for your home. If you still want to know more then let’s go here and get more information.


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