What Is Metal Fabrication, And How Is It Used To Make Tough Buildings?

Metal fabrication is defined as the process of cutting, bending and processing the raw materials (steel and other materials) to build the useful components, machines, and parts. There are many technicians who carry out this work using specialized metal working tools. Ideally, this fabrication is a laborious process which involves a lot of techniques.

metal fabrication melbourne

Metal Fabrication

What are the processes used in metal fabrication?


The first stage of fabrication starts will cutting the metals. There are different machines used for cutting the metal into a perfect shape. However, the metal fabrication company uses oxyacetylene to cut the metal into a predefined shape. The CNC machining makes use of other tools such as water jets and laser cutters. The design is put into the CNC machining and the desired shape of the metal is being cut by using the tools manually. Ideally, this CNC machining is integrated with the computer programming to cut the metals into the desired shape. This kind of technique is being embraced while working on complex projects.


This is the next step, after cutting the metal into desired shapes. In this process, welding, attaching and exhilarating processes take place to join the metal pieces. Ideally, in the welding process, two or more than two metal pieces are joined using heat and welding material. In metal riveting, the metal pieces are joined without using heat. In addition, the companies also use adhesive glue to join the metal pieces. However, each technique has their own set of pros and cons, so the fabrication team will decide the best method as per the needs.


This is another stage of this fabrication process. In this process, the metal is being bent into the preferred shape. Though, this bending process can be carried out manually, but with the advent of technology, there are many automated machines and manual bending methods are available in the market. Using these methods, the metal is crafted in a beautiful shape by bending.

How the final finishing is carried out?

The finishing touch to the products is given after the above process is completed successfully. After cutting, joining and bending, the product is being given the final touch and is made it ready to sell in the market. Usually, in this final touch, the paint will be applied to the product and is coated with fine powder. The quality of coating, totally relies on the manufacturer. However, you need to select the reliable fabrication companies to get your end product coated and manufactured by maintaining quality standards. 

metal fabrication

Metal Fabrication

Which are the numerous areas in which metal fabrication is used?

  • Commercial: In commercial fabrication, the parts and components of the finished goods are being produced. Ideally, these parts and components are used in automobiles and appliances.
  • Industries: In industrial fabrication, the equipment is being manufactured and this equipment is used in the industries to carry out their tasks such as band saws and ironworker machines.
  • Structural: In this type of fabrication, metal components are manufactured and these components are used in building structures such as buildings to production plants.

Ideally, fabrication is a risky and perilous job. While doing this job, the workers have to wear proper personal protective equipment in order to protect themselves from harmful injuries and accidents. In this type of work, workers are mostly exposed to cuts, burns and falls. So, as per the safety laws, the workers who are carrying out this work have to wear protective clothing and check the tools for the signs of damages before using.

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