Going For A Business Trip? Contact Boarding Kennel For Your Pet

Leaving the pet alone at home may result in psychological changes such as separation anxiety, boredom, or it may exhibit certain behavioral changes such as low energy, reduced excitability, poor appetite or over eating, excessive sleeping, limp tail, urinary incontinence, restlessness and withdrawal from the society. As per the recent survey, it has been confirmed that the main cause for all these psychological changes is loneliness. Thus, in order to keep your pet happy, satisfied and active, and to prevent loneliness it is very essential for the dog owners to choose the right boarding kennels.


Types of kennels that are commonly seen

Listed below are some of the common types of kennels:

  • Dog Boarding Kennels
  • Dog Crate Kennels
  • Dog Breeding Kennels

The Dog Boarding kennels provide temporary care to the dog in absence of dog owner like if he/she is away for a business trip or is going for a holiday trip etc. They offer vast range of services which include shelter, food, vaccinations, treatment, medications, grooming, bathing, exercises and special menus.

The boarding kennels are further categorized as:

1. Basic care kennel

2. Fancy frill kennel

The Dog Crate kennels are used for keeping the dogs in the manner wherein they feel safe and secured. It is used for transportation, training and it allows the owner to complete the tasks without the headache for the safety and the location of the dog.

The Dog Breeding kennels are used for breeding the dogs. However, these types of kennels are regulated by the strict government laws.

Choose the right boarding kennels for your dog

It is the responsibility of the dog owner to select the right kennel for his or her pet, so as to ensure that it remains safe, secured and happy. Listed below are some of the points that can help in choosing the right kind of boarding kennel for the dog:

  • If you are ready to afford the extra amount then you need to look for a luxury kennel that offers lots of pampering, comfort and training to your pet when you are away.
  • Check if the boarding kennel has special arrangement for the dog such as medications and veterinaries.
  • Refrain from choosing a kennel which is unclean, stinking, and the pens are not escape proof.
  • Avoid choosing a kennel where most dogs bark continuously rather than resting.
  • Check if the pens are large enough for your dog to run around and find out if there is an outdoor play area for the dog to socialize. The outdoor plays should be free from the hazardous electric cables and should be non-skid.
  • Find out if the staffs are trained in interacting with the dogs and if they are aware as to the best way to handle them even in times of crisis.
  • Check if the pens have good ventilations with light and the temperature is well regulated.
  • Check if the resting beds are designed in a way that helps them to rest comfortably.
  • Check the types of veterinary services that are available.
dog boarding kennel
Dog Boarding Kennel

Finally check on what basis the rates are calculated; whether on an hourly basis or per day basis and if services like grooming, training, bathing and medication are also included in the package. After the boarding kennel has been finalized, the owner needs to ensure that below given points are checked:

  • The dog’s vaccinations are up to date.
  • Submit a written instruction to the boarding kennel authority that they should follow for the pet.
  • Ensure that all the medications, toys and blankets that the pet prefers are handed over to the kennel authority.

Thus, go for the business trip without worrying about the safety and security of your pet. If you still want to know more then visit us and get more information.


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