Design Your Home to with Efficient Central Heating Systems to Conserve Energy

The central heating system is where the heat is supplied but through a single unit and then it is ducted to outlets. This is then supplied to floors, ceiling and other spaces in the rooms. Most of the central heating system works by using hot water. The heated water that passes through radiators and pipes in the under floors can also be used. There are many central heating systems that use gas or electricity. The use of heat pumps, solar radiation and waste heat recovery as energy-efficient sources are quite common. As the type of network suggests, the central heating systems deliver heat universally to all the zones of your rooms, irrespective of the enclosed or open area. Moreover, if you install the modern types of central heating system, you can also enjoy the eco-friendly options.

central heating systems
Central Heating Systems

Why use central heating?

  • The system of central heating is highly efficient and easily controlled. When maximum homes remain cold during the winter, the common and traditional forms of heating systems do not always work out better, so it is always best to choose the central heating systems.  Therefore, this method is considered to be the most preferred among the people of North America and parts of Asia.
  • Unlike the traditional heating system, the central heating system will heat your home to a comfortable room standard and you can enjoy every part of the house and any time of the year.
  • This system also eliminates ailments like arthritis, cold and flu due to a very healthy climatic environment. The area is completely sealed not allowing dust to enter the rooms, and is generally little chance of asthma problems which aggravates due to dust.

Affordable and eco-friendly:

  • There is also a system of warm water central heating which is equally efficient and cost-effective. Here the whole house is heated with radiant heat instead of heating just one room with draughty air.
  • It is very important to have an economical and controllable heating system in a changeable climate. This system is also efficient and eco-friendly. The diesel that is used burns clean, and the gas too has clean emissions as well as the wood pellets are a renewable source.

How good is wood used as an ingredient for central heating?

  • The concept of central wood heaters is preferred in many homes. It is installed in the basement that distributes heat with hot air that is forced and a circulating system of hot air.
  •  There are recent changes in this system of heating that is easier and convenient. The homes have started to demand for less energy, more efficient and so the method of wood heater has become impressive.
  • The best and the most modern wood fire furnaces are designed to create usable heat as hot fires, and they leave a low emission to go up.
  •  These heaters are similar to gas and oil but differs a bit as this uses a thermostat. The thermostat closes the damper when the room is warm. If there is a requirement of more heat, then the damper opens up again and the temperature of the fire goes high.
under floor heating
Under Floor Heating

What is solar way of central heating?

Fluids which have suspended and loosely-packed molecules in them, such as clean air and liquid are used as part of the solar central heating systems. The solar heat is directly transferred to the interior space or other storage system. If at all the solar system is unable to give adequate heat then there is an auxiliary or a back-up system that is used to give additional heat.

The liquid is used more in storages and it suits well in a radiant heating system. The solar liquid is the most appropriate for central heating. It is similar to the solar system that is used for domestic purposes.


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