Introduction to Common Car Battery Replacement

Most around the globe love their care. They want to be familiar with every aspect of their ride and to solve some of the problems without any help. If you are one of those men, you should learn all the things about your car right now. And you can start with battery as it is one of the easiest things to understand about any motorized vehicle. Here is an introduction to the common car battery troubles. Read very carefully as it can turn out to be really useful someday.

Car Batteries
Car Batteries

A little basic info about car battery

  • If you drive a car made after the first half of 20th century then it would have a wet cell battery. There will be a plastic cube filled with lead and sulfuric acid. Some of the special cars also have dry cell batteries but that is quite rare.
  • Car batteries generally last for about 2 years. The good ones can go for up to 3 years, but that is it. Any battery cannot last longer than that, no matter which brand you buy. If the seller is promising an extra-long life, then it is best to get the warranty or guarantee in writing.
  • If the battery is not being able to start the car, you do not necessarily mean that you need to get it replaced. The problem can also be due to some fault in alternator or cables or something else. However, more than 90% it is just because the battery is old.
  • You should not wait for the battery to die out completely before you go for a car battery replacement. You might be stuck in the middle of nowhere when that happens. Also, it will adversely affect the performance of your car. So, get it replaced after 2 years or so.

Common signs that battery is about to die

These days, there are all sorts of sensors in a car that check most of the common problems. You can easily know whether the problem is in engine or exhaust system by taking a look at the console. You will be indicated about any problem with the help of a simple light. But there is no car battery replacement indicator to help you. Thus, you will have to be careful about it. Check the common signs of battery failure and get it replaced before you face major problem. Here is the list of the signs.

  • If you turn the key to ignition or press the start button and the engine is cranking but not starting, then the battery is the first thing that you should check. It is not the only possible problem, but the most common one.
  • When your engine is not running if things like horn and headlights do not work then battery is going to die, or the connections are loose.
car battery replacement
Car Battery Replacement

Replace the old battery with a new one

Even when you have made sure that there is nothing wrong with the car except the battery you do not necessarily need to go for car battery replacement. It can simply be low on voltage and a simple charge can make it work again. But if even that does not work then you will have to replace the battery. The first step would obviously to buy a new one. Most of the cars use the same type but you should still check if there are any special instructions. You can get it replaced by a mechanic for a couple of bucks or do it yourself. Just get the old one out, use a small brush to clean the connectors and place the new one. It hardly takes 10 minutes.


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