Benefits of customized designs for flat pack granny flats

Granny flats have the enormous capacity to create a little place, where the elderly feel comfortable and warm. The concept of flat pack granny flats is gaining popularity simply because it is not confined to its definition. While space for living is shrinking in the cities, their costs are continuously inflating. The flat pack granny flats as an alternative dwelling option offers a simple solution to this situation.

flat pack granny flats

flat pack granny flats

When it comes to customized designing of the flat pack granny flats, you will find numerous advantages. Given a chance, you should take every opportunity to go for the customized granny flats.

Top 3 reasons to choose customized flat pack granny flats: 


You get to choose how big or small a flat would the elderly wants. Such accommodation is used by the teenagers and working adults. With the feature of customization, you will get to choose the right size. This way it saves money on building the home. If you are looking at a display model then you should request the company to give you the sizes. It makes a lot of sense to choose customized flat pack granny flats as you know better how much space you would need to fit in the furniture you have.

kit homes Melbourne 

kit homes Melbourne


The most expensive components while building or renovating a home are plumbing and electrical wiring. They have to be spread properly in the entire home for safety and convenience of the people. But when you look at the customized designs for the flat pack granny flats, you can get things done smartly. It will save your money. For instance, you can choose to have your kitchen, bathroom and laundry spaced closed by. This will save the costs on plumbing. Same is applicable for wiring. Instead of creating a web, you can choose a minimalistic design to make the project cost efficient.

Wall Paint:

It is needless to stay that people would want the home painted in their favorite colors. Be it a rented or an owned property, they would want to have a space that reflects their tastes and interest. When you choose for customized designing for the flat pack granny flats, you get to have a say. There are several companies that offer this option. While the cabinets, rooftops, windows come with a pre-decided structure, you can pick the colors. Make sure you do not lose such an opportunity. In case you wish to have wall papers, you can very well do so and get it arranged when you go for the customized designs.

Where to get the inspiration for customized designs?

There are several websites of the contractors where you can find great ideas for customization. You will come across ready plans for the flat pack granny flats. Pick some inspiration from there. Besides there are several architectural magazines to get some interesting ideas on colors and furniture arrangements. You can even visit the virtual places to score some innovative ideas for your granny flats. Here you will come across ready-made plans that you might think of applying to your granny place.

granny flat construction

granny flat construction

In any of the cases, you should be a little flexible with the budget. If you come across interesting plan then you will have to expand your budget a bit. But when your budget is tight, you will have to compromise on several things. In any case, never compromise on the quality of service and necessary equipment and fittings. If at all you have a good budget and serious about such living space, you can hire a contractor. He will have enormous experience and ideas to work around your expectations. Most importantly, you can simply mention your tastes and budget, and he will get things done accordingly.


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