Secure any type of commercial property with commercial locksmith service

A commercial locksmith focuses in locks that are manufactured for business purposes. The business establishment requires work such as installation of panic bars, replacing locks in file cabinets, installation of automatic door closer, safe and vault installation as well as installing a master-key system.

  • Panic bars are especially important as they would provide workers a means to exit the building premises in case of emergencies such as fire, earthquake etc.
  • The commercial establishments need to carry out the safety requirements not only for securing the investments, but also to keep the lives of the employees secured.
  • Thus, like the importance of the residential locksmith, the commercial locksmiths are also in great demand.
commercial locksmiths

commercial locksmith

Services provided by the commercial locksmiths

A commercial locksmith is usually skilled and trained to provide services such as

  • Key less entry systems, emergency repairs and the cutting of keys
  •  Copy-protected keys and master keys, re-keying of locks and installation of new locks
  • General maintenance and replacement of “push-pull paddles
  • Arrange magnetic locking systems for “signal entry” of doors
  • Emergency Lockout services, alarm systems and installation of master key and access control systems
  • Keyless access
  • High Security Locks & Cylinders

All these types of services require highly skilled locksmiths; thus the commercial locksmiths are appointed for providing these facilities to the commercial establishments.

commercial locksmith

commercial locksmith

Major difference between the residential locksmiths and the commercial locksmiths

  • A residential locksmith provides service to the homes while a commercial locksmith provides services for the business and commercial establishments.
  • A residential locksmith installs and repairs locks on personal safes while a commercial locksmith installs and repairs locks of employees’ safes and vaults.
  • A residential locksmith does not need to work on the installation of automatic door closer and panic bars while a commercial locksmith needs to work on these.
  • A residential locksmith uses tools that are entirely different from the tools used by the commercial locksmith. This is because of the difference in the work that they perform.

Moreover, a commercial locksmith has expertise in installing the complex electronic locks. As in today’s business locks have become more complex and intricate to design in order to add simplicity to the customers. The commercial locksmiths need to stay knowledgeable on the current technology as they need to design electronic locks with keyless entry, magnetic or electronic entry.


Tips to hire a good commercial locksmith 

As there are many companies who guarantee best locksmith services, it is very important to hire the best commercial locksmith who has the ability of providing the best quality service. Listed below are the tips which can help a business owner to select a locksmith wisely

  • Verify the license of the company and find out if the locksmith is skilled.
  • Check the estimate of the charges beforehand and find out if there is any hidden cost involved.
  • After the service is over, ensure that the locksmith gives a receipt that contains the name of the company where he/she is employed, local address, phone number and amount that has been charged.
  • Ensure that the locksmith is from the company which is located nearby as far located locksmith company may ask for extra charges for the travelling.
  • Check if the security personnel of the organization are there when the locksmith is carrying on with the service. This enhances the security and the safety of the employees and the employers.
  • Always ask for the identity proof and the business card of the locksmith prior allowing him/her to enter the firm at the security check post.
  • Find out if the commercial locksmith is well-equipped with all the necessary tools.

Thus, it is very essential to hire the right locksmith for any commercial establishment to avoid any major discrepancies or security issues!


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