What Are The Different Types of Aluminum fly Screen Doors?

A screen door is usually an auxiliary door used in conjunction with an exterior door, which is usually a glass door. In almost cases these screen doors and main doors are sliding doors and are made of aluminum. Apart from sliding types the fly screen doors come as retractable screen doors as well. These doors are durable and lightweight due to the aluminum metal and are an ideal companion for sliding doors. These doors are used to keep flies and other small insects out of the house. These fly screen protections are ideal in both warm and cold climates where they let in nice cool air and light in but block The pests and insects and they also keep your home cool during the summer and prevent the warmth from escaping in winter.

Aluminum Screen Doors

Aluminum Screen Door

Sliding Screen Doors

These doors are quite lightweight and offer an economical method of keeping the insects at bay. The fly screens are fitted into the sliding frame by adding shallow tracks that snugly fits into the existing joinery. Most of these are made with strong and lightweight aluminum corners and concealed nylon rollers. These rollers ensure smoothness when opening and closing the doors.

Constructing Aluminum Fly Screen Doors

There are two popular ways of constructing these doors. One is roll formed and the other is extruded. In both the methods the door is held together in the frame shape with the help of screws or metal corners.

  • Roll formed door frames are made from thin sheets of aluminum. These thin sheets are shaped into a rectangular frame fitted with a screen channel where the window screen is placed. These kinds of doors are quite durable and not so expensive to make.
  • The corners of the doorframes are fitted at 45-degree angle. These are also called mitered corners.
  • These corners are usually made of steel or aluminum and are fitted together using the friction fit. These corners are usually the weakest point of the doorframe but they can be strengthened with the help of a spline.
  • The Extruded aluminum frames are made from thicker aluminum which lends them greater strength. These doors are more robust but at the same time more expensive than the roll formed frames. The extruded doorframe corners can also be joined using the miter joint using aluminum alloy. Another technique to make these door frames is by strengthening the corners with screws. When it comes to durability, the extruded doorframes outlast the roll framed door and are easy to repair as well.

Aluminum Screen Door

Hinged Aluminum Screen Doors

Hinged screen doors have a more classic look to it and they are quite easy to install as well. These hinged screen doors come in both timber and aluminum joinery. Aluminum screen fly doors are lighter than the timber ones.

Retractable Aluminum Screen Doors

Another type of aluminum screen doors is the retractable screen door, which can slide in and out into their own protective covering. The housing or casing for these kinds of doors totally conceals the doors and hence the name – retractable screen doors. These casings can be installed in several ways; they can be inside-mount, surface-mount and can also be installed inside the wall or the wall-mount.

Inside Mount – The casings are flush with doorframe

Surface Mount – The casing is mounted on the frame of the door itself

Wall Mount – The casing is built inside the wall and the screen and casing is completely clear of the door

Majority of the retractable doors come with a spring-loaded roller, which is mounted vertically. The mesh fabric comes in different options; there is standard fiberglass mesh and then there are not so expensive metal mesh options as well.

The above mentioned all types of Screen Doors will help you to buy best Aluminum Screen Doors. If you want to look more then go here for more details.


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