Are hardwood pallets the right choice for your business? Find out below

Pallets are crates used for transporting and shipping goods all over the world. They are generally used in big business and logistics companies which manufacture as well as ship goods. These pallets are made from all kinds of materials like wood, plastic and other recycled materials. The pallets are customized according to the needs of the industry that they would cater to or the distance they would traverse to reach their destination. There are some pallets which are hard enough to transport heavy goods while there are others which are used for delicate products. The whole utilization of a pallet depends on what the owner wants from his business. Pallets are much more profitable than automated equipment used for handling products in big warehouses. Though they are often neglected in comparison to machines but they so still remain one of the most precious and underrated equipment for a business. How do you choose the right kind of pallets suitable for your business needs?

timber pallets Melbourne
timber pallets Melbourne

What should you keep in mind while choosing pallets? 

  • How much does it cost to build a whole infrastructure around pallet manufacturing? Will it benefit your business in the long run?

  • Does the material which you have chosen benefit the earth? Is it made of plastic and cannot be recycled? Or is it made of hardwood which makes it extremely eco-friendly? Remember your business might be facing great consequences if you are accused of industrial pollution.

  • Can the pallets be easily moved? Or is it that they are too heavy to be moved? Then you might reconsider choosing your materials.

  • Are you making your pallets according to hygiene regulations? Making your pallet out of cheap plastic can affect the quality of food and vegetables you ship and result in disasters.

Advantages of choosing a hardwood pallet:

  • They are much less expensive to build than plastic pallets. When you are going in for good quality plastic that will not break while transporting, you have o choose a good material which is definitely going to cost you.

  • They are pretty easy to repair as well. They are good for recycling as they are made of boards which can be taken out as and when desired. This reduces the cost of making hardwood pallets.

  • They can be sold again.

  • As hardwood pallets are generally made from recycled materials, they are pretty cheap and easy to make. It reduces the infrastructure costs.

  • When they get too old to use, they can be reduced to paper waste which can then be transferred to the soil.

  • They generally have high friction when compared to other materials like plastic and aluminium.

wooden pallets melbourne
wooden pallets melbourne

Disadvantages of using hardwood pallets: 

  • They are actually pretty heavy and thus when the goods get transported in such pallets they take up more space thus resulting in higher transport costs. Their weight is more which results in increased price for air transfer.

  • Cleaning hardwood pallets is a major hazard. If they get wet bacteria and fungus grow inside them and you would have to get rid of them in the last. As it is a natural material so the growth of bacteria and fungi is expected. But once they develop, they make the pallets weaker thus leading to more strain.

  • As it is a natural material it will obviously be open to damages. Once it gets damaged it can splinter leaving the carrier injured.

  • Ordering them again and again due to defects prove to be more expensive for business sometimes. For example, if you own a beverage company then remember not to go for these as they are more susceptible to damage from liquids.

Explore some great information that will help you to determine which pallets are the best for your project.





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