Custom Made Badges For Your Schools And Commercial Institutions

Ever wanted a police badge but for obvious reasons you don’t own one? Now you have plenty of reasons to create your favorite badge and customize it in any way you like. You could have one badge that says you are police officer and another one as a Boy Scout member.

Custom Made Badges
  • Generally, custom made badges, and monograms engraved on school uniforms create a positive impact regarding the name and reputation of a school.
  • Management institutes and some professional organizations also have custom made badges to suit every occasion, and to mark the employees from their own company.
  • Customized family badges are also a cool option to show your loved ones how much their support means to you. You can order one as a commemoration gift. For example, you can create a customized badge to welcome a new family member.

Customize cool police badges with a design of your choice. A cool badge adds a brilliant final touch to your attire. Customized badges are a great option for enhancing the look of your uniform as well.

How to get different varieties of badge from online portals?

  • Eagle-top shields: Eagle-top shields are used as police badges by many police departments. You can customize your eagle-top badge to suit your liking.
  • Eagle over circles: These are EMT badges for use by emergency medical technicians. Choose to modify your eagle over circle badge for a unique look.
  • Shields: Shield badges are used by security guards and can be modified to suit your style.
  • Ovals: Ovals are used by the Police and Firefighters and can be customized to suit your style.

Getting to know the custom made badges from the online portals:

Other badge type includes sunbursts, firefighter specific badges, 5-point stars, 5-point stars in circle, 6-point stars, 6-point stars in circle, 7-point stars, and 7-point stars in circle, star specific badges, miniature badges, hat badges and many more. A badge is integral to any uniformed officer. Customized badges provide you with your own signature style, and whether you make the badge out of bronze, gold or silver material, you can get the desired customized options by consulting the online badge makers who can give the desired shape to the badge of your choice.

You can create a customized version of your badge and gift it to your family members and show them how much they mean to you. This would be a picture perfect moment.

Customized badges are not just for the uniformed folk. There are fabulous options for every taste too. There are a few options for non-unformed individuals as well:

Custom Made Badges
Custom made Badges
  • Enamel badges: Enable badges are badges stamped with a design of your choice. The cavity is filled with synthetic vitreous hard enamel. Hard enamel badges have a long life. Soft enamel badges are manufactured from stamped steel with soft enamel fill. They are cheaper than hard enamel badges. Apart from hard and soft enamel badges, you can also choose from printed enamel, copper stamped and zinc alloy.
  • Embroidered badges: Embroidered badges have amazing design detail. They have as many as seven threads that are stitched onto cotton twill colored backing cloth or any other similar cotton-based material. These are great ideas for club recognitions or individual award functions.
  • Name badges: Name badges are a cool way to enhance your image at corporate events. You can choose from any logo or photographic image. You can customize it further with your name and title too.

Whatever your reason is, custom-made badges are a fun addition to your attire. There are also many options if you give an online order, as you can get the bulk discounts on these badges during the festive season, and the online professionals deliver the best custom badges at your doorstep.


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