Know about the pros and cons of One Bedroom Granny Flats

Granny flats are additional dwelling place which can be built in the backyard of the main house. The granny flats are small in size as compared to the primary house. The one bedroom granny flats usually have a living room and kitchen along with the bedroom. The popularity and demand of such alternate residence has increased gradually. There are plenty of reasons behind building a granny flat like adding value to the property or saving taxes etc. But it is not going to change the fact that the flats are small in size and require similar lifestyle.

one bedroom granny flat

one bedroom granny flat

Pros of tiny granny flats

 The one bedroom granny flats are usually tiny versus the main house built in the same block. Having a small space to live has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages are described below:

  • Easy to maintain: The granny flats with one bedroom are very small hence does not require much time and effort on its cleaning and maintenance. In general these flats are used by elderly members of the house or young children or guest. Having a small space helps the older people as well as young kids to maintain which gives them time to spend with themselves.
  • No clutter of objects: Big houses have lot of items which generally lie useless in attic or basements. Big houses also have lots of furniture and decorative things, which sometimes makes the place clamped up. With small houses, there can be only limited objects and thus there is no cluttering but a space to relax and enjoy.
  • Low bills: With tiny houses, you don’t have to worry about the expenses to build or maintain or to pay high bills of electricity, taxes, mortgage and heating and cooling. By giving the place on rent, you can also pay away the debts and save for future.
  • Eco friendly: Small granny flats require less materials to build and the consumption of energy is also very less. Thus these tiny houses are environmental friendly and reduce the amount of waste and energy use.
  • Great designs: The granny flats today are designed using modern concepts by architects. As the cost of the building such flats are very less, a lot can be done with the looks using the state-of-the-art designs and contemporary lifestyle solutions.
  • Family bonding: The granny flat allows the elderly member of the house or young children of the house to stay in an independent unit but in the same unit. This allows the families to stay close and bond together without hampering their personal space.
  • Easy to travel: With a small granny flat to live, you don’t need to worry any longer about the maintenance of the house. You can now lock the small space and go for a spontaneous vacation or adventure trip anytime.
  • Accessibility: The one bedroom granny flats are very to access as there is always very less space to cover to reach the room. There are also not many stairs to take in such flats.


Cons of small granny flats 

  • Less space: Although there are several advantages of having a small place to live, but it cannot be denied that the granny flats have very less space. Less space definitely means fewer objects in the house and little space to move around. But today the concept of independent unit has gone to different level. So architects have come up with designs to suit a small space and make it elegant enough to live.
  • Less personal space: Lot of times the granny flats in the backyard can be interrupting the personal space of many. When the family is big, too much interaction could hamper the personal space of many.

There are ranges of one bedroom granny flats with fully featured and constructed with the highest quality materials.


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