Carpet Mats according to the Requirement

Carpet mats can seamlessly integrate protection with style. This works out well as there are no compromises to be made on the looks of the interior in order to keep things stain free and clean. Talk about style, and you find these carpet mats are available in a wide range of colors which makes it convenient to find the right hue to match the interior. You can think of personalizing these with an additional text embroidered or even a logo put on his. Besides being able to look good these carpet mats also provide protection from many culprits of carpeting that is able to harm the value and the appearance of your vehicle. The interiors are saved from spills, mud and foot friction.

carpet mats
carpet mats

Types of Carpet Mats

These carpet mats are categorized in accordance to the area they tend to cover. You have the rear carpets and the front carpets besides which you also find the cargo and boot area carpets. There is an option of the molded carpets which are generally sold in accordance to the model and make of the car or even flat carpets which require some sort of expertise for installation.

Rear/Front Carpets

Typically, a car has a carpet which is broken into two pieces. The area which is under the dashboard is covered with the front piece and the rear carpet is under the seats in the front to the back of the seats at the back. These two pieces tend to overlap due to which the joint is not visible. You also have choices between the one piece carpet which is molded besides the three piece and the four piece ones. The model of the vehicle determines the availability of these. Each of these types has their advantages and disadvantages which you should be aware of before making a choice.

Flat/Molded Carpet

The molded carpet is one of the most common carpet mats used. This carpet is molded in a specific manner to fit the shape of car’s contours. These carpets which are molded should be bought in accordance to the model and make of the car so that a perfect fit is ensured. This is essential considering the safety factor. A carpet which is ill-fitted can slip towards the pedals and possibly cause interference while you need to accelerate or even brake. Flat carpets can be an alternative option. These types of carpets are cut and sold in accordance to the requirement. The fitting of these flat carpets should be handed over to a professional. As there are multiple colors available in these, you can ask for the different choices offered before you buy one.

floor mats

Cargo/Boot Area Carpet

The carpet mats for the cargo area or the boot area need to be separately bought. These are also available in the molded forms and the flat ones, as these are comparatively easier to fit, besides being more affordable. You can opt for the vinyl covering which are available particularly for these instances when you need to transport a pet or objects which can dirty your carpet.

Sound Insulation Carpets

This sound insulating carpet is made with special material that is generally used under the carpet and works as insulation. This is called under felt or underlay. These sound proofing available in carpet mats are able to block the noise of the road besides the vibrations.

Choosing Carpet Mats

As there are multiple choices available in the carpet mats, you need to first find out what exactly you looking for and then you can look for the same in the various online stores. These online stores give the required information with the specifications so that opting for the right carpet mat becomes convenient.

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