3 Bedroom Granny Flat – Scope For Revenue!

A granny flat is designed to accommodate a big family and also to make the best use of your existing property. In this way you get the opportunity of earning additional incomes by means of letting out the property or by letting out or subletting the property and then giving the income to family members. This is a boon to investors and people facing housing shortages that is so rampant in the urban areas. The granny flats are of two types. You may opt for any one of them depending on what you are looking to achieve.

3 bedroom granny flat

3 bedroom granny flat

Types of 3 bedroom granny flats

  • Detached granny flats –In this type of flats, the granny room is an added benefit for accommodating extra people and making the room a separate area away from the living, dining and the kitchen area. This room is independent from the rest of the house and at the same time it is connected to these facilities in some way or the other.

  • Attached granny flats –As the name suggests, attached granny flats are ones that do not have separate rooms from all these areas. It is well inside the area of the house and has easy access to the rest of the house; be it a patio, a backyard, a kitchen, living room or a dining area.

Three bedroom granny flat – features and characteristics

  • A three bedroom granny flat is designed for people to stay with their immediate family or visiting members. In this way you can increase your revenue by letting it out too. This space can be potentially used for office space. There is a complete privacy between the two.

  • Master granny flats and mini granny flats are available in numerous designs. There is a granny flat finder through which you can see if the one that you want is available. A mini one incorporates your house with a garage and an out building can be used for multitude of purposes. This can be used to maximize their land and give you additional benefit of space which can be utilized for a car, storage, office or where they are on business trips or just visiting.

  • The approval of a granny flat is very quick and speedy. In most cases, this approval is granted within 10 days of lodging with a certifier. Most of the builders or the real estate people will have information access to the approvals and it can be fast tracked from time to time so that you can start earning return on investments in no time at all.

  • The building needs to have concrete floor plans and in this way you can decide if the granny room has to be attached or detached from the living space, kitchen or dining areas .

  • Granny flats are one of a kind. It can be done to revamp your patio, backyard, side area etc. It grants the house a whole new look and it ensures that your building is developed in proper way so that additional source of revenue can be generated from it. With the number of options available in the market nowadays you can go for a look that completely enhances the aesthetic value of your house at all times.

3 bedroom granny flat designs

3 bedroom granny flat designs


  • The block size should be between 450sq mt to 900 sum. In case there is a bigger size then it should not exceed 900 sum – 1500 sum. The block width should be around 12 meters, 15 meters or 18 meters.

  • Floor area is limited to maximum 60 sum and is also governed by the guidelines that are established for this purpose. A granny flat can be attached to your existing flat or can be separate from your existing residence.

So, 3 bedroom granny flats have different types and different benefits. You can choose the best granny flats according to your requirement and enjoying your sweet moment by your sweet family.


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