Stainless Steel Handrails To Add Aesthetic Variety And Functionality To Your Stairway

Handrails are installed for the stairways to offer support for the users. When it comes to choosing handrails, there are many choices available, not just in design but even in the materials. You can always get one that matches with the décor of your house. But of all types available, stainless steel handrails are the best choice as they come with many advantages. Stainless steel handrails are durable, sturdy, and they consume less space, and require less cleaning and maintenance. They can be installed in both homes and offices, and when you compare the price and the utility of the stainless steel handrails, you find that they are less costly and much worthier than the glass, aluminum or the fiber or the wooden rails.

stainless steeel handrails
stainless steel handrails

Advantages of stainless steel handrails:
Steel handrails are very popular because they come with:

  • Durability
  • Environment friendly nature
  • Easy maintenance
  • Multiple designs and great shapes

Various features of stainless steel handrails:

  • Stainless steel handrails are used in small domestic constructions, to large-scale office and industrial constructions, as they can be purchased in bulk to suit any kind of home décor. Often these handrails are combined with both traditional and contemporary home living patterns, to give an overall glossy finish and texture to the staircase and its surrounding areas. They are often accompanied with glass balustrades, to give a decent look to the swimming pool area. Stainless steel is actually made from recycled materials and that makes it environment friendly, and those which can be recycled and reused very easily.

  • Stainless steel handrails do last for a pretty long time. That means stainless steel offers great value for money. A great advantage of using steel for your railings is that many designs can be made out of it. If you wish to customize any design to match the design of your house, you can. 

They require very less maintenance:

Stainless steel handrails need little maintenance. Just dust it and polish it once in a year or so. Thus, such railings are beneficial for those who do not have much time to high-maintenance ceilings. They can also be cleaned with a wet towel or even with a dry piece of cloth.

stainless steel handrail
stainless steel handrail

Easy and simple installation

The first step is to clean the surface where you want the rails to be installed. Mend broken surfaces if any. Use a stud finder and mark all the studs first keeping the design of the handrails as the base. Installing brackets is the next step. Drill holes to draw nuts. Silicone can be used to buttress it. Then all you have to do is to insert posts in the brackets. Then attach the strips of the handrails to the posts with the help of screws and you are done!

Cleaning stainless steel handrails need some care

You can use warm water to clean it but make sure that the surface is dried with a dry cloth so that water will not dry on it on its own leaving spots. Any corrosive or blemish can be removed with a mild detergent and warm water. Avoid using any strong bleach especially chlorine bleach because it can cause damage to the steel rails.

Your stairway is an important part of your house. When you think of handrails, you should think about functionality along with aesthetics. Also, it is not possible to change handrails frequently. Hence, choosing stainless steel for the handrails will be a wise decision because not only these rails give an upbeat look to the face, they are also comfortable to use, are safe and strong and come in a variety of designs. For better varieties, you can also conduct a search across the websites or the online stores, to get the desired designs for your stainless steel handrails.


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