Mirrors – The Reflection Of The Soul

A mirror and the subsequent refection speak volumes of the person looking into it and these are not just accessories. With their distinctive shapes and frames, mirrors are used in modern times to enhance the décor of the home too thus adding to the aesthetic appeal. If a room is small, large mirrors or clusters of small mirrors grouped together can be used to create an illusion of space. These can also make a room look brighter and bigger at the same time.


Types of mirrors

Floor mirrors – These can be full length floor mirrors or half length. These mirrors can be traditional mirrors or contemporary ones. These are designed in a way that they can be held up upright and made to stand erect on any part of the floor. These mirrors project clear images and reflections and at the same time can be used to project spaciousness. Floor mirrors are framed well and they come with a variety of options for you to choose from. It is to be remembered that these mirrors can be chosen for their functionality and also their aesthetic value. Vanity mirrors also walk hand in hand with the floor mirror concept

Wall and Ceiling mirrors – These are very common mirror placements in modern times. Wall and ceiling mirrors are placed for more of an optical illusion of space. The room is made to appear bigger and sleeker with such mirror placements. Light reflects well with mirrors. Hence, these kinds of mirror placements work well in a room which is not very well lit. Wall and ceiling mirrors are more or less chosen for standard applications such as clubhouses and gyms, dance classes and for any architecture or art exhibitions, etc.

Table mirrors – Perhaps the most common usage of mirrors in the house will be the table mirrors. These find usage as the perfect adornment to your bedroom dressing tables or vanity tables. You can transform your dressing table or a chest of drawers to a beautiful reflective surface with the stunning range of table mirrors. These come in a wide range of textures and coarseness and engravings to enhance the look of your house and are also widely successful in saving space to a large extent. Most of these mirrors give you a triple mirror effect that you can simply adjust to your needs.

Factors to consider while purchasing a mirror

Mirror Styles – While all the mirrors are made in the same way, yet there are differences in the way that they are framed or in the way they are shaped. The most important factor to consider is the placement of the mirror and also the shape of the mirror. Framing is as important as any other factor due to the simple fact that it lends a whole new look to the place. Hence, careful considerations require to be done while acquiring a mirror.

Shapes – There are mainly four shapes that a conventional mirror can be cut and shaped; square, rectangle, circle and oval. Other modern mirrors have shapes derived from these and they offer a contemporary look to the house. Oval mirrors on the contrary lend an old world charm to the place.

Material for the frames – Wood is a main component that is used for framing mirrors. State of the art mirrors use a wide range of materials such as brass, copper, steel, rot wood, iron etc. You have to think what look you want for your house and then purchase accordingly. Frameless mirrors with toughened glass are the toast of the town these days and these have the unique benefit of fitting into any décor. Their simple, understated tone blends with any modern design and makes the room well lit and appear bigger at the same time.

So above all information is to knowing about mirrors and their different types, stay connect with us for understand various mirrors shapes and styles and then purchase it according to your requirement.

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