How to Get a Roadworthy Certificate for Your Car?

A roadworthy certificate is required for the reselling of the car or you need to collect this certificate for your own safety also. Car roadworthy certificate is generally issued by the licensed professional and it will take few hours test which is conducted in the service station, and afterwards you will get this certificate instantly. In case you are planning to sell your car, you need to satisfy a few requirements asked first by the government. These demands are in accordance with the attempts of the government to enhance road safety. Among the main requirements are Roadworthy certificates. This is only a test which is conducted by certified professionals on a vehicle, in order to ensure that it can safely transport passengers.


Steps of Obtaining a Roadworthy Certificate 
Obtaining the certificate is easy. You have to send your vehicle to a shop in order to have it examined. The certificate will be issued in case your vehicle manages to pass the examination.

  • Any licensed and certified mechanic, who adheres to the government standards, will go through your vehicle and inspect it completely, in order to ensure that it matches with the safety standards laid down by government authorities.
  • You can also find mobile inspectors in some places, who are ready to come to your home and inspect your 4-wheeler and hand you over a proper roadworthy certificate after examination. You need to call up a mobile inspection company in order to get this type of service.

In case your car is unable to pass the examination you will be handed over a checklist by the inspector. The checklist will include each aspect that you have to fix before you should register or sell your vehicle. Once you have rectified the issues, you can give a call to the mobile inspector again and have a re-inspection carried out. If your car fails to pass the inspection then you need to reapply for the certificate after fixing the required problem of your car. Apart from that, the roadworthy certificate is not a lifetime document and it has maximum three to six months validation and the certificate is not transferable also. So if you sell your car then the buyer needs to register his or her name within this stipulated time and it is applicable to the buyer. If the buyer needs to sell the car again then it will require the roadworthy certificate again in the same manner.

Types of Issues Checked During Inspection 

The majority of roadworthy inspections cover various elements of vehicles, including belts, lamps, tires, washers, seats, wheels, windows, wipers and windscreens, which can suffer damage due to wear and tear. Inspectors generally look for flaws in these parts of automobiles:

During inspection, other problems such as possible oil leaks, body damage or rusted parts are also looked for, before the final certificate is issued.

Why Is Roadworthy Safety Certificate Important? 

This document helps you to use, register or sell your vehicle as well as transfer its registration to some other user. In some areas, such as Queensland, you need to display the roadworthy certificate on your vehicle at the time of selling it. This certificate should be kept on display and stuck in some area of the car where it can be seen easily – such as on the front or the side window. You can also have it displayed on the windscreen, in the trailer draw-bar, motor guard or front forks, if you want to avoid a massive road fine.

With a roadworthy certificate, you can easily improve the credit of your automobile before potential buyers. This certificate helps a buyer get the right to examine a car prior to purchasing it. This document can also have a big impact on the market value of your automobile and expect a higher resale value.

The rules and regulations associated with roadworthy certificate differ from one state to another. Make sure that you know the regulations of the area you live and plan to sell your vehicle in. So, above all information related to roadworthy certificate for your car. You can also stay connect with internet and get details about these certificate and log book services.


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