3 Main Types Of Custom Design Keyrings

Custom Keyrings make very stylish gifts today, and are ideal for people of almost any age and any social group. These can be added to the zipper of school bags for children, offered to a lover or friend and even distributed by corporate organizations to their customers and business partners. These help put a key and also complements the personality. Every day, people need a ring to put their home, car, locker or office keys in. The best fact about custom design key rings is that, you can minimize and maximize the number of engravings, designs and colors according to your requirement and you can also negotiate about the price accordingly. Considering the fact that rubber and plastic key rings have become quite out of fashion, you can definitely experiment with the custom design key rings made of acrylic.


Types of Custom Key Rings 
Based on the supplies that are used, there are 3 main types of custom design keyrings. These include the following:

  • Plastic keyrings – These are usually the most typical custom design keyrings. Made of plastic, these lightweight rings are often used for promotional purposes. These are not just inexpensive, but they can also be put into molds and given any shape that you want. You can also custom design key rings as alphabets, fruits or as colored flowers, especially if you are from the flower or the agriculture industry.
  • Leather key rings – These are more elegant in appearance and are higher in cost. These are wrapped in leather and are usually offered by dealers and businesses in the automobile industry for promotional purposes.
  • Acrylic key rings– These are used for various promotional purposes in shopping malls or near cinema halls. They usually target a whole lot of customers within a short time.

Metal keyrings – These shiny and smooth metal key rings which are usually engraved with the business logo and name of companies, and they are durable until they rust.

Which Type Should You Go For?

If you have a tight budget, plastic keyrings are the best ones to go for. These can be availed ₤0.19 piece from online stores. These are very beneficial to go for, considering the fact that these are available in wide varieties. You can find these in many colors and shapes. You can have your type of keyring made in your preferred shape, color and design at only ₤0.30 for every item. Plastic rings look fun, can be availed and customized at little costs, and add fun to the personality. Depending on the requirements, official purposes and the exact promotional causes, you can try to customize the keyrings and also put them in chains. You can also use a combination of metal and plastic varieties, so that you get a good benefit from the customized keyrings.

Varieties that you may trust: Get your pair of custom design keyrings

In case you do not like plastic or metal keyrings, you can get highly attractive rings in plain or imitation leather. There is the Vivella leather key ring which is available at a rate of ₤0.33 for every item in a unique pear shape, or at a rate of ₤0.58 in a double-stitched circular shape. If your budget permits, you can get Finecell leather for about ₤0.20 more and the regal Tuscana leather variety for ₤0.30 more than what Vivella comes at.

You can get these leather varieties in various colors, such as burgundy, brown and black. While plastic keyrings look fun, metal options look more professional and leather varieties have a more elegant feel. For knowing information about different types of keyrings, you can go through this link. The type that you should go for actually depends on the kind of image that you wish to project for your business.


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