Medical Cart – A Cart During Medical Crisis In Hospitals To Save Lives Of Patients

For meeting medical emergencies and for transporting medicines and anesthesia equipment, a medical cart can be of immense help for patients, hospital individuals and doctors. There can be mobile and stationary medical carts which can transport surgical materials, IV instruments and even foods as required in a hospital industry. For complex items like the tongue blades and the pipes inserted into the nasal cavity, the classical and the traditional medical carts are used for several purposes.

What is a crash cart? When is it used?
When there is an emergency in the hospital, a crash cart offers the immediate relief. It is used in situations where saving someone’s life becomes a priority during emergency. Mainly used in situations where:

  • Someone had a heart attack
  • Someone undergoes a fatal emergency condition in the ICUs
  • Emergency situations outside the emergency rooms


What is a medical cart?
This cart is a mobile cart that can hold all essential items during any type of emergency situation that occurs inside the hospital. The cart contains trays or drawers that can hold all needed medication or equipment that may be required during surgical emergency or medical emergency.

What does the cart contain?
During life-threatening situations, the cart should be well stocked with needed items that can help save a life during such medical crisis.

  • Oral airways
  • Suction device
  • Cardiac specific drugs
  • Pediatric equipment

Carts are categorized according to the medical departments and their requirement:

A medical cart usually contains items based on the type of hospitals such as obstetrics cart, pediatric cart or any practice-specific cart. Normally a cart is present near the patient care and is socked with necessary medicines and equipment in case of life threatening situations. There are the isolation carts which have several chambers and drawers that are used to store emergency items. This type of trolley is kept in a separate position, away from the patients, so that it does not become the carrier of harmful pathogens. This medical cart is usually painted with anti-microbial paints.

What are the various parts of a medical cart?

  • Bottom Basket:It holds gloves that are needed, defibrillator pads, electrodes, and surgical masks in case of emergencies or non-availability of them in the OT or ICU.
  • Side View:The cart should hold an inventory list of items in the cart and a tank and a gauge with a treatment guide.
  • Backside of cart:This should contain procedure sheets and essential documents like check off details of cart, sheet for team sign-in and other record sheet.

The cart is divided into drawers for easy access to the essentials and the contents differ from hospital to hospital.

Drawer 1: Medications like alcohol swabs, sterile water, Amiodarone vial, Sodium bicarbonate syringe etc.,
Drawer 2: Contains IV solutions and medications for pediatric department
Drawer 3: Intubation supplies for adults
Drawer 4: Intubation supplies for pediatric department
Drawer 5: Tubing and IV supplies
Drawer 6: Trays for procedures

Types of carts

Medical carts are available in different types based on the necessity and type of requirement by the hospital or any particular area. There are Classic series with steel construction, Pediatric cart, Narrow models, Aluminum crash carts and Mini carts for area with limited space.

Medical cart and its accessories
The medical cart itself is sufficient for storage but in case of grouping or segregating items, accessories are important for a quick reach by nurse or physicians.

  • Dividers and drawers
  • Deep bins
  • Dose box dividers and dose bin
  • Laptop shelf
  • Cup and straw holder
  • Utility basket
  • Waste containers

All these accessories are also essential to sort and stock the items needed during medical situations. Doctors are God, but Medical carts are also very important in saving the lives of patients during life-threatening situations, you can read more for details about medical cart, various parts and its accessories.


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