Tips on choosing the right type of commercial stainless steel sinks

If you are planning to open a restaurant or food chain you will surely be planning about numerous things like finances, specialty cuisine, location, manpower, infrastructure etc. While planning the infrastructure of the restaurant, the first things that comes into the minds of prospective restaurant owner are the utensils, furniture, interior decor and cutleries but most of the time they fail to plan properly for the plumbing facility of the restaurant. The toilet equipment, hand washing basins, sinks etc. are some of the very important things which need special consideration in this matter. In this regard it should be always mentioned that sinks play an absolutely important role in day to day operations of a restaurant.

It might sound weird but it is a reality that an ineffective sink can become a showstopper for your business. This is the reason why it is recommended to go for commercial stainless steel sinks for better results. Restaurant owner should never compromise with the quality of commercial stainless steel sinks. Being a prospective restaurant owner, he or she should know the probable scale of business and kind of sinks that would be required. As a matter of fact there are plenty of variations available in terms of commercial stainless steel sinks but while choosing them, people need to be smart enough to pick the right type of sink that will suit their requirement the most.

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Which sink is most suitable for your requirements?

It has been already discussed that restaurant sinks play pivotal role in the success of business. There are numerous types of sinks available in the market but the restaurant owner needs to take the final call on the basis of his specific needs. In the following points, some of the most popular types of commercial stainless steel sinks will be discussed in brief, in order to help the restaurant owners to take the correct and wise decision while choosing the most suitable stainless steel sinks for them. By choosing the right type of sink, restaurant owners will be able to adhere to the hygiene standards. Right kind of sink will also help them avoid the costs of replacement or remodeling as well.

Types of stainless steel sink for commercial usage

Some of the most important and popular types of sinks used in the restaurants worldwide are:

  • Three bowl sculleries – In these sinks, people are able to wash all the kitchen utensils. Three different sinks are meant for different purposes. By using these sinks you will be able to wash, rinse and sanitize without any hassle. As per the directives of the health standards, these basins should be big and deep enough to accommodate even the largest utensils. These basins come with rethermalizers, dough bowls, racks etc.
  • Prep Sinks – These sinks are meant to keep your food items safe. These unique types of sinks can be used for doing all types of stuff which require food items contact with water. The prep sinks are ideal for draining strainer items, rinsing foods, washing vegetables, fruits, fishes, meat etc. While choosing a prep sink, restaurant owner should keep in mind the average volume of food items which are cooked or about to be cooked in his restaurant. It’s always recommendable to keep in mind the largest utensil the restaurant has, this makes the choice a bit easier.
  • Hand sink – This is probably a must have item in the restaurant. It is used by all who are involved in the activity of food preparation in restaurant. This is the reason hand sink should be installed in the most convenient location preferably near kitchen of the restaurant where food production staff can wash their hands without any hassle. Though there are no specific standards available in terms of the size of these sinks, but still some heath factors should always be considered before buying the hand sink for the restaurant.

So above all the information, related to commercial stainless steel sink and their types according to commercial usage. Using this information you can choose the best stainless steel sink according to your requirement!


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