Things You Should Know About Medals And Types

Every one of us has at one time or the other felt the positive effect of appreciation. Appreciation builds up our confidence and worth, and helps us in a good way to progress in the given area. It helps in forming long lasting relationships and keeps you motivated to do even better the next time. Time to time we have many ceremonies and occasions at our offices where we have to reward the deserving employees and hence be a good leader.

Types of Medals

Medals are not just a piece to show off. It has a deep and long lasting impact on an employee’s performance. It is a keepsake for everyone that enhances your self esteem. Mainly there are two types of medal – pre designed ones and the customized medal.

Customized Medal

You will always love a customized medal more than a normal medal as you will have your name printed on a customized medals that makes it all the more dear to you. A customized medal, in the similar way, works best for an employee too. That name printed in bold on this medal is what makes you feel worthy on the inside. A general notion that people have about pre designed medal is that in order to show off, you might have purchased it from some shop. This notion is sure to de-motivate you as you know how much strenuous efforts you have made to proudly own it.


When you have worked hard enough to get an achievement and you want everyone to know about it, a customized medal always works better. With the name, position, achievement and occasion printed on a customized medal, it is more than enough to give you an edge.  You can adorn the shelves of your living room or your office desk top with this medal and everybody who catches a glance of it is sure to get impressed and ask about your achievement. You now have a fair chance to show off your hard work and inspire them to do so. This is what will make you become their role model too. Moreover, it will also act as a gentle reminder for you daily to achieve even greater heights in your endeavor to keep up your pride and status.

Pre Designed Medal

This type of medal is used to serve a more generic purpose. You can use them to normally motivate your employees at the yearned for good work. They can also be given to the employees with outstanding performance especially when you have large number of people. You can customize a pre designed medal by getting the name of person engraved on them which might take a bit longer to get delivered to you from the company.  The major drawback of these types of medals is that they are easily available even if it’s your hard earned medal through consistent performance, you can’t stop people from thinking that you purchased them just to show off and impress others with your accolades which they might take as fake.

Taking Care of Medals

Medals are a keepsake and represent something that is very important and close to your heart, your achievement. It is utmost necessity to keep them safe and with care. For this you can display them proudly in your office on your desk or enclosed in a glass door cabinet and at your home making sure that you get them mounted. Also, you must get your achievement certificates framed and hang them with pride at your place. Medal is a token that honors whatever you’ve accomplished in life; love and care for them with all your heart.

If you have to know more about medals and their types you can visit this link for customized and pre designed medals.


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