Guidelines on Selecting Relocatable Homes

There are lots of real estate and insurance agents who may take undue advantage of the fact that you are purchasing relocatable home for the first time. Rather than getting into bad advice and selfish agents, it is essential to be well prepared and well informed beforehand.


Here are some of the guidelines that can assist you through the procedure of purchasing your relocatable homes:

Avail right quotes
You need to get right quotes from the dealer regarding the home. You need to inquire about some of the different places so that you can be aware regarding the market rate. No dealer can sell the house to you at any price. You also need to inquire regarding utilities, insurance, finance and other such things.

Sometimes dealers and agents will provide you with the cost quotes for park space, insurance or utilities. At times it also happens that they are not able to offer you with the best possible price on the market. In such situation it is recommended to ask for right quotes and prices. Make sure that you get in touch with the real estate agent yourself. You will need to find out the insurance rates and premiums directly from the insurance company. This is because they can offer you correct premiums and reduced premium rates as there will be no middleman.

It is essential for you to explore the finance alternatives also. Lot of lenders will provide you with conventional home mortgages for relocatable homes. So prior to saying yes for doing anything, ensure that it is the best alternative available from the dealer or from the market.

Pay attention to location
Locations of the homes play a significant role in choosing the home. Some of the things that you need to consider are as follows:

  • Irrespective of whether you want to purchase the land or rent the land on which the relocatable homes would be placed, location is the important consideration. In case you are planning to have permanent foundation then you will get better financing alternatives in comparison to the relocatable house.
  • There are times when rental parks will ask you to move the house in case it reaches a certain age or in case you are planning to resell the house.
  • Few parks have their own rules and regulations regarding allowing the landlord access to your home and even regulate behavior of kid and there are chances that pets will not be allowed.
  • Ensure that you read the complete lease and rent agreements and after this you will need to make the decision. Also confirm beforehand if they will raise the rent at later stage or not.

Few other guidelines that you need to consider

  • Do not get carried away through salesman that will pressurize you in making a deal on relocatable homes which you might regret later. You should ask for couple of days to reconsider. In case you are sure then you can go ahead and take the deal.
  • Do not assume the financing information and terms noted. Ensure that they are not subject to change. This is because few financial conditions might change with the market and can prove expensive for you later.
  • Make sure that you negotiate carefully as majority of the dealers will come down from the original price and at times they have worthwhile offers and schemes. You should try to understand the terms and conditions of these offers and only then go ahead with making deal on relocatable homes.

For more information on any relocatable homes or transportable homes, go through this link for getting more ideas and guidelines.


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