What are Plantation Shutters and How Can You Benefit From Them?

Window treatments are one of those factors which give your house a different taste – a special feel of individuality. These shutters reflect something which helps to differentiate it from the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. Plantation shutters are among the less expensive and the trendiest window treatments available in the market. Yet, they do not lack behind when it comes to creating a sophisticated look or serving the purpose of shutters or even in the aspect of durability. In fact, these shutters are the only ones which can be included in the pricing of the house since they will remain when you sell off your property.


So how do you know if these shutters will serve your purpose or not? Here are some tips to help you decide:

  • When purchasing plantation shutters, check if they are being cut down from stock panels to fit your window or the seller is ready to provide you with custom plantation shutters. The latter is obviously a better choice.
  • The choice of shutters depends on where you want to install them. Is it in the kitchen? Then you might want equal control over both lower and upper parts of the shutter. If you want the shutters to be installed in your sitting area for some privacy, then you might consider shutters with a narrower divided rail. These have separate controls for the bottom and the wide louvres on the top providing you with the choice of adjusting them to allow/restrict light and privacy. If the shutters are for a window which you will barely open then you might consider getting ones which open from the center and consist of one single fold. However, if you have some blockage on the wall beside the window, such as a pipe or a book-case, then you might prefer a bi-fold shutter.

Decide about the size of the louver and measure the divider rails properly:

  • What size louvre would you prefer? This is dependent on your style and the décor of the house. There are a number of options available in the market. The 2.5 inches louvre is the most common one since these fit in all averagely sized rooms with usual ceiling heights. Those who have larger rooms and higher ceilings can opt for the 3.5 inch louvre instead.
  • When you are looking for a seller of plantation shutters, try to opt for one which will give you customized shutters. They will visit your home, take measurements and then provide the best shutters for your rooms. This will ensure better fittings and appearances. The positioning of the rails will be in accordance with the window and area of access too.
  • If you want to install plantation shutters in your bathroom, you can go for the double hung or the shutters with the divider rails. Here, you can close the bottom louvres for privacy and keep the upper ones open for light to enter or to get a view of the exteriors. These are a much more practical choice than blinds or drapes.
  • Half shutters are often promoted by sellers but be careful about choosing them. They are not half in price in comparison to full length shutters and are in fact almost of the same price. You will not get enough protection from sunlight neither will you be able to get as much insulation as you desire.

When finalizing your decision about plantation shutters, remember to ask about the wood from which they are made, tension adjustment screws, rabbited edges, side rails and mortised hinges. Know that the biggest advantage with plantation shutters is that they can be customized to fit any window. Make the most of this feature.


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