Flooring Tips Out Of Used Pallets

It sounds interesting that pallets can help make wonderful flooring. However, it will sound all the more exciting if you come to know how to make flooring out of used pallets. You could easily reuse old pallets for your home flooring. Such used pallets are often made of old hardwood. In order to do this, you will have to make the board surface plain so as to get a uniform thickness and also add a groove and a tongue into every board so that the boards can together be locked on the floor. This process is not tough; but it involves a considerable investment in woodworking tools.


The following steps would help you to make the flooring with used pallets.

  • First of all, pry the surface boards with the help of a claw hammer off the pallet framing, so that you can disassemble the pallets. Then, carefully remove every single nail, irrespective of its size. Unless you do this, you might end up damaging the clutters on your tool and equipment.
  • Next comes the turn of thickness planner through which you have to pass each single board. It helps to smooth out the face of the board. When one face gets smoothed out, flip over the boards and then pass through the same thickness planner again. This process will repeat until each board becomes smooth and gets a uniform thickness. The boards should be kept as thick as possible just to ensure that these remain strong enough.
  • Next step is to place a board on its thin side and pass it through the jointer until the point where you get a total cut across the board’s length. You have to flip the board and repeat the process on other side also. Square edges will be created on the board in this manner. Repeat this process with every single board.
  • By placing the board on the edge of the miter saw, cut every end of it. Square edges will be created between the sides and the ends of the board. If you have random length boards, it would not be a problem either. On the contrary, it could make a nice and interesting fashion.
  • Dial calipers are used to measure the thickness of the boards. Set the rip fence in such a way that it is half of the total distance way from the center of the blade of the groove on the table saw. Its thickness should be quarter inch.
  • Pass every single board’s edge over the blade for cutting a groove into the board’s side. This is generally called a groove.
  • Wait, Your task of making flooring out of used pallets is not yet over. Now deduct quarter inch from the total thickness of the board. After this, select a saw blade measuring exactly half of the total thickness. For example, if your pallet board is half inch and if you cut a groove that is quarter inch, and then your blade should ideally cut a width of at least one-eighth inch.
  • In the next step, move the rip fence in a way that the back side of the blade can rest on the frontal part of the rip fence which you have moved on a table saw.
  • In the final step of making flooring with used pallets, pass the edges on the board in a way that it is opposite to the groove side and flip the board around so that it is possible to cut faces off the rip fence. This is called a tongue. The used pallets are now ready to be installed.

If you know more details about how to reusing pallet and other techniques, we sanitise the pallets and make them safe for reuse. Let’s go to the details  for getting more information.


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