4 Tips How to Choose the Perfect Cat Boarding

It is very difficult to plan a vacation for cat owners because cats are very delicate and they require utmost care and dedication on the part of their owners. It is impossible to stay at home and cancel one’s vacation, so an affordable and reputed cat boarding can actually come to the rescue of your feline friend. There are several cat boarding facilities which offer the best services to the cats. This is an affordable and hassle-free process and it is the only way to keep the cat safe and secure.


How to choose the perfect cat boarding?

When you leave you lovable cat at their boarding, you must check for some facilities because some boarding’s do not give sufficient facilities to your cat in your absence. It is suggested to verify their facilities and advantages and visit the boarding twice to ensure their quality.

  • Sufficient space: pets cannot express their feeling through words but they can feel all the things and they feel uncomfortable to stay with unknown person. They are very dedicated to their masters and they love to stay within their space. When you leave them at boarding, please ensure that there is ample space and double fencing security system for the boarding area. The boarding must be designed with double fencing where your cat can remain secure and safe.
  • Disease and vaccination: in the cat boarding, you can find many cats from different households and you do not have any idea about their breeding and vaccination details. Your cat can be affected by diseases while it stays with other cats. So, you should ask the boarding members whether they have verified cat vaccination before registering with them. Secondly, if your cat needs a vaccination during your vacation then inform them with the details and they must ensure the vaccination of your cat. Apart from that, the boarding area must be well-ventilated and separated from each other. Carpets and other floor coatings are strictly prohibited in and around the cat boarding because they raise the risk of transmitted disease for cats.
  • Exclusive cat boarding only: please check the cat boarding that it should be exclusively for cats only. If you see that they are having dual boarding facilities for cats and dogs in the same place then do not leave your cat in that boarding because cats cannot say with noisy dogs in the same area. It is better to leave your cat in the exclusively cat boarding only.
  • Routine and feeding: cats need daily grooming, playtime and championship facilities. Even they require these facilities twice a day also. So, please ensure that the boarding facilities and feeding timings of the boarding. Feeding timings and habits are scheduled differently for separate cats and it must be provided by the boarding members accordingly. You can ask them about your cat feeding habits and timing and generate a schedule to them.

What you should do before hiring the cat boarding?       

You must maintain some tips at the time of leaving your cat at their boarding. Please follow the below instruction carefully.

  • Provide all the vaccination paper of your cat to the boarding.
  • Give them your cat’s veterinary consultant details to the boarding for any kind of emergency. If your cat needs some medicine then boarding members can contact your vet aid consultant regarding all these things.
  • If possible then please give your vacation details to boarding members because if your cat needs any help in case of emergency then they can contact your directly.
  • Provide them with your contact details along with the phone numbers, email ids and chat messengers, So, they can connected with your all the time.
  • Provide them the cat’s toys, blankets and towels.

Taking care of a cat is not easy, as it takes dedication and maintenance of a routine, so you must select the cat boarding accordingly.


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